Conversation Talking Points

Title Key Words
A. Elizabeth Jones Diplomacy, Women Trailblazers
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im Philosophers, Islam, State, Comparative Religion, Religion, Black Lives
Abner J. Mikva Law, U.S. Congress, Separation of Powers, Supreme Court, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Judges, RIP
Adam Segal Technology, Innovation, Asia, China, India
Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Military, Leadership, Vietnam War, Nimitz Lecturers, RIP
Ahmed Kathrada South Africa, Political Activism, Apartheid, Political Prisoners, RIP
Ahmed Rashid (2002) Journalists, Islam, Soviet Union, Political Islam
Ahmed Rashid (2008) Journalists, U.S. Foreign Policy, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Failing States
Ahmed Rashid (2012) Journalists, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Asia
Ahmet C. Bozer Business, Turkey
Akbar Ganji Iran, Revolution, Islam, Democracy, Political Activism, Dissent, Political Prisoners, Human Rights
Alain C. Enthoven Economists, Health Policy, Defense Department, Health Care, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Medicine
Alan Cranston U.S. Congress, Nuclear Weapons, Sovereignty, Political Education, Politics, RIP
Alan K. Simpson U.S. Congress, Politics, Immigration, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Albie Sachs Law, South Africa, Human Rights, Political Prisoners, Apartheid, Political Activism, Justice, International Law, Judges
Alexander Dalgarno Astronomy, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
Alexander Yakovlev Historians, Russia, Soviet Union, Leadership, Gorbachev, Glasnost, Dissent, Elberg Lecturers, RIP
Alexandra Horowitz Psychology
Alexey G. Arbatov Russia, U.S.-Russia Relations, Arms Control, Foreign Policy
Alfred L. Atherton Diplomacy, Middle East, U.S. Foreign Policy, RIP
Alice Karekezi Rwanda, Women Trailblazers, War Crimes, Genocide, Black Lives, Africa, Black Lives
Allan Gotlieb (1985) Canada
Allan Gotlieb (1989) Canada, Diplomacy, 2008 Economic Crisis, U.S Foreign Policy, RIP
Allan J. Hamilton Medicine, Science Education, Healing, Consciousness, Preventive Medicine, Brain
Amartya Sen Nobel Laureates, India, Economists, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Amira Hass Palestine, Israel, Terrorism, Occupation, Journalists, Women Trailblazers
Amory Lovins Scientists, Environment, Capitalism, Climate Change, Nuclear Power, Sustainability, Global Warming
Amy Chua Globalization, Ethnic Conflict, Democratization, Nationalism, International Law, Theory and Practice
Amy Chua Diversity, Empire, Decline
Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld Law, Diversity, Immigration
Anatol Lieven Pakistan, Journalists
Anatol Lieven U.S. Presidents, Realism, Idealism, U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Political Tradition
Anders Aslund Economists, Russia, Leadership, Markets, Democratization
Anders Mellbourn Historians, Journalists, Sweden
Andrew J. Bacevich Militarism, U.S. Presidents, Military
Andrew J. Bacevich Historians, Military
Andrew Scott Cooper Oil, Iran, Saudi Arabia, U.S. Foreign Policy
Anita Gradin Women Trailblazers, Sweden, European Union, Gender, Inequality
Annabel Patterson Literature, Censorship, Critics
Annette Gordon-Reed Historians, Founding Fathers, Law, Black Lives, Women Trailblazers
Anson Chan China, Hong Kong, Democracy
Anthony Zinni Military, Leadership, Iraq, National Security, Elberg Lecturers
Antonio M. Taguba Military, Torture, 911
Arlie Hochschild Politics, Sociologists, American Dream, National Identity, Populism, Berkeley Faculty, Women Trailblazers
Avner Cohen Nuclear Weapons, Israel, Nuclear Proliferation
Barbara Bodine Diplomacy, Women Trailblazers, Iraq, Yemen, 911, Nimitz Lecturers
Barry Eichengreen Economists, International Economy, Historians, International Monetary System, Financial System, Political Economy, World Economy, Berkeley Faculty
Barry Eichengreen Economists, Historians, International Monetary System, 2008 Economic Crisis, Berkeley Faculty
Barry Scheck Law, Justice, Human Rights, Innocence Project
Bart D. Ehrman Religion, Bible, Comparative Religion
Carol Greider Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Women Trailblazers, Genetics, Bioscience, Cells
Chalmers Johnson Militarism, U.S. Empire, Imperialism, RIP
Chalmers Johnson Political Scientists, U.S. Decline, U.S. Empire, U.S Foreign Policy, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
Charles H. Townes Nuclear Weapons, Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Technology, RIP
Charles M. Vest University Presidents, Technology, Higher Education, RIP
Charles McCurdy Politics, Law, Historians
Charles R. Larson Military, Leadership, Nimitz Lecturers, Higher Education, RIP
Charlotte D. Jacobs Historians, Medicine, Bioscience, Healing, Infectious Disease, Women Trailblazers
Chikashi Toyoshima Scientists, Cells, Bioscience, Brain
Christof Koch Scientists, Brain, Consciousness, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Christopher Hitchens Writers, Journalists, Elberg Lecturers, RIP
Christopher Patten Leadership, Diplomacy, Hong Kong, Democratization, Great Britain
Christopher Patten Environment, Development, Great Britain
Clyde Prestowitz International Economy, Trade, Globalization, U.S. Decline
Conor Cruise O'Brien Writers, Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, RIP
Craig Calhoun Social Science
Dan Caldwell Political Scientists, Afghanistan, Iraq
Daniel B. Rodriguez Law
Daniel Benjamin Terrorism, Strategy, Religion
Daniel Ellsberg Vietnam War, Nuclear Weapons, Political Activism, Pentagon Papers, Dissent, Cuban Missile Crisis, Presidents
Daniel Kahneman Nobel Laureates, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Consciousness
Daniel Pipes Islam
Daniel Yergin Energy, Oil, Innovation
David Cole Constitutional Law, Political Activism, Law, Gay Rights, Gun Rights, Inequality, Law and Inequality, Supreme Court
David D. Newsom Diplomacy, RIP
David Frum U.S. Presidents, Terrorism
David Hamburg Philanthropy, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
David Harvey U.S. Empire, Marxism, Geographers, Capitalism
David M. Kennedy Historians, U.S. Presidents, Great Depression, 2008 Economic Crisis, Nimitz Lecturers, Populism, U.S. Presidents
David Pierpont Gardner University Presidents, Leadership, University of California
David Rieff Human Rights, Humanitarianism, Imperialism
David Vogel Political Scientists, Ethics, Business
David Ward Geographers, University Presidents, Leadership, Higher Education
Deborah Tannen Theory, Linguistics, Women Trailblazers
Derek Chollet and James Goldgeier Political Scientists, U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Presidents, U.S. Foreign Policy
Didier Fassin Theory, Ethnography
Donald Kennedy Scientists, University Leadership, University Presidents, RIP
Douglas A. Fraser Labor, Globalization, Labor Unions, RIP
Dudley Herschbach Scientists, Science Education, Nobel Laureates, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
E. J. Dionne,Jr. Journalists, Politics, U.S. Presidents, Middle Class, Writers, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Earl Anthony Wayne  
Edward Alden Political Scientists, Immigration, Politics, 911
Edward Luttwak Political Scientists, Strategy, International Relations, Theory, Neo-Conservatives
Edward N. Luttwak China, Strategy
Edward N. Luttwak Strategy, Iraq, Political Scientists, U.S. Foreign Policy
Edward N. Luttwak Strategy, Byzantium
Elizabeth Warren Law, Politics, Financial System, Middle Class, U.S. Congress, Inequality, Women Trailblazers, Political Activism, Activism and the Law
Ellen O'Kane Tauscher Politics, Leadership, Women Trailblazers, U.S. Congress, RIP
Elliot Abrams U.S. Foreign Policy, Jewish Identity, Foreign Policy, Israel, Palestine
Eric Foner U.S. Presidents, Historians, Lincoln, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Presidents
Eric Stover Human Rights
Ernst B. Haas Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, Nationalism, Social Science, Berkeley Faculty, Global Order, Scientific Inquiry, World Order, RIP
Eugenie C. Scott Science Education, Women Trailblazers
Eva Harris Scientists, Infectious Disease, Bacteria, Bioscience, DNA, Women Trailblazers, Berkeley Faculty, Scientists, Public Health
Eva Hoffman Writers, Refugees, Women Trailblazers
Father J. Bryan Hehir Religion, Nuclear Weapons, Peace Movements, Political Activism, Arms Control
Fawaz A. Gerges Political Scientists, Islam, Terrorism
Federico Rampini European Left, European Union, Communist Party, Journalists, Italy
Frances Dinkelspiel Journalists, California
Francis Fukuyama Historians, State Building, Democratization, Nation Building, State
Frank Rhodes University Leadership, Leadership, Higher Education, University Presidents, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
Franklin Pierce Huddle  
Frederick Crews Critics, Freud, Dissent, Psychoanalysis, Berkeley Faculty
Frederick S. Wyle National Security, RIP
Galia Golan Political Scientists, Israel, Democracy, Middle East, Political Scientists, Women Trailblazers
Gananath Obeyesekere Anthropologists, Ethnography, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Garry Wills Historians, U.S. Presidents, Nuclear Weapons, Cuban Missile Crisis, Presidents
Gary S. Becker Nobel Laureates, Markets, Economists, RIP
Geir Lundestad International Relations, Nobel Peace Prize
General Anthony Zinni Military, Terrorism, Nimitz Lecturers
General James Cartwright Military, Technology, Defense Department, Strategy
George C. Halvorson Health Care, Health Policy, Information Technology, Preventive Medicine, Medicine
George Packer Politics, White Working Class, National Identity, Democratic Party, Diversity, Political Identity, Populism, Nationalism, Identity
George Packer Writers, Journalists, Technology
George Packer Writers, Politics, Political Economy
Gibor Basri Astronomy, Science Education, Scientists, Black Lives
Gideon Rose Political Scientists, War, Editors, Vietnam War, U.S Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy
Gilles Peress Human Rights, Photography, Genocide
Glenn Greenwald Law, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Dissent
Gregory L. Schulte Diplomacy, Nuclear Proliferation
Gro Harlem Brundtland Politics, Climate Change, Women Trailblazers
Guenter Burghardt Diplomacy, U.S. Foreign Policy, European Union
Gurcharan Das Journalists, India, Literature
Hanan Ashrawi Palestine, Writers, Women Trailblazers
Hanna Holborn Gray Historians, University Presidents, Globalization, Leadership, Higher Education, Women Trailblazers
Harold Hongju Koh Law, International Law, Human Rights, Korea, Iran Contra Affair, War Crimes, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, North Korea
Harold L. Wilensky Sociologists, Comparative Societies, Democracies, Theory, Social Science, Labor, Social Stratification, Berkeley Faculty, Comparative Politics, RIP
Harold Palmer Smith Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism, Scientists
Harold Smith Arms Control, US-Russia Relations, Nuclear Proliferation, Nuclear Weapons
Harold T. Shapiro University Presidents, Higher Education
Harriet Mayor Fulbright Education
Harry G. Summers Military, Vietnam War, Nimitz Lecturers, RIP
Harry Kreisler Conversations
Harry Kreisler Conversations
Harry Kreisler Political Awakenings, Conversations
Haynes Johnson Journalists, Historians, RIP
Haynes Johnson Journalists, Historians
Herbert F. York Nuclear Weapons, Arms Control, National Laboratories, Scientists, Science and Public Policy, Science and Public Policy, RIP
Hernán Reyes Human Rights
Hillary Mann and Flynt Leverett Political Scientists, Iran
Howard Berman Politics, U.S. Congress, Leadership
Howard Wolpe U.S. Congress, Africa, RIP
Howard Zinn Historians, Civil Rights, Political Activism, Vietnam War, Dissent, Political Education, RIP
Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly Philosophers, Berkeley Faculty
Hubert L. Dreyfus Philosophers, Humans and Machines, Artificial Intelligence, Theory, Consciousness, Berkeley Faculty, RIP, Computer Science
Husseini and Beilin Israel, Palestine, Negotiating, Peace Process, Middle East
Ian Lustick Political Scientists, Terrorism
Ian Lustick Political Scientists, Israel, Palestine, Middle East, Zionism
Ian Morris Historians
Ira Lapidus Historians, Middle East, Islam, Comparative Religion, Berkeley Faculty
Ira Michael Heyman Law, Leadership, University of California, University Presidents, Higher Education, Berkeley Faculty, RIP, University Leadership
J. Bradford DeLong Economists, Politics, U.S. Presidents, Berkeley Faculty
J. Clifford Wallace Law, Judges
Jack Citrin Political Scientists, Politics, Public Opinion, National Identity, Immigration
Jack F. Matlock,Jr. Diplomacy, Soviet Union, Gorbachev, U.S. Presidents, Cold War, Glasnost, Russia
Jacques Bouchard Scientists, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Proliferation, RIP
James A. Leach U.S. Congress, Nationalism, Internationalism, Principles, 2008 Economic Crisis
James Dobbins Diplomacy, Nation Building, Afghanistan, Democratization
James E. Peebles Scientists, Cosmology, Astronomy, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Nobel Laureates
James Fallows Journalists, U.S. Presidents, Terrorism
James Fallows Journalists, China, Financial System, Elberg Lecturers
James Fallows Journalists, Writers
James Gustave Speth Environment, Law, Climate Change
James Gustave Speth Law, Environment, Capitalism, Sustainability, Climate Change, Global Warming
James M. McPherson Historians, Lincoln, U.S. Presidents, War, Leadership, Presidents
James Mann Journalists, U.S. Presidents
James Mattis Military, Defense Department, Iraq, Strategy, Nimitz Lecturers
James O. Freedman Higher Education, University Presidents, University Leadership, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
James Wright Historians, University Presidents, Leadership, Veterans, Higher Education
Jan Assmann Comparative Religion, Bible
Jane Mayer Journalists, International Law, Terrorism, U.S. Presidents, U.S. Foreign Policy, Leadership, U.S. Political Tradition, 911, Laws of War, Torture, Women Trailblazers
Jari Vilén Finland, International Economy
Jaron Lanier Technology, Music
Jeff Hawkins Technology, Brain, Consciousness, Innovation, Information Technology, Information
Jennifer Doudna Bioscience, Bacteria, Genetics, DNA, Medicine, Infectious Disease, RNA, Scientific Inquiry, Nobel Laureates, Women Trailblazers, Cells
Jennifer Granholm Politics, Political Economy, Women Trailblazers
Jennifer Sims Political Scientists, Intelligence
Jeremy Kinsman Diplomacy, Canada, Globalization, Russia
Jeremy Waldron Law, Philosophers, Human Rights, International Law, Principles
Joan Wallach Scott Sociologists, Women Trailblazers, Gender, Islam
Jocelyn Cesari Islam
John A. McCone CIA, Cuban Missile Crisis, U.S. Presidents, Intelligence, Kennedy, U.S. Foreign Policy, RIP
John Arquilla Political Scientists, Terrorism, Networks, 911, Al Qaeda
John Campbell Diplomacy, Ethnic Conflict, Nigeria
John F. Lehman Military
John Fabian Witt Historians, Law, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Laws of War, Cosmopolitanism, Lincoln, International Law, Presidents, U.S. Presidents
John Harte Scientists, Environment, Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainability, Berkeley Faculty
John Heilbron Historians, University Leadership, University Presidents, Higher Education, Berkeley Faculty, University of California
John Kenneth Galbraith Economists, Politics, U.S. Presidents, Writers, Cold War, Kennedy, Great Depression, Presidents, RIP
John L. Esposito Islam, Middle East, Religion
John Mearsheimer Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, Realism, Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy
John Mearsheimer Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, China, Theory, Realism, U.S. Foreign Policy, Geopolitics
John Micklethwait Journalists, Globalization, Technology, Conservative Movement, Politics, Writers
John Perry Philosophers, Identity
John Philip Abizaid Military, Middle East, Iraq, Intelligence, Military Contractors, 911, Nimitz Lecturers
John Pomfret Journalists, China
John R. Searle Philosophers, Brain, Consciousness, Theory, Humans and Machines, Berkeley Faculty, Scientific Inquiry
John Shattuck Law, Human Rights
John Shattuck Law, International Law, Human Rights, U.S. Presidents
John Witte,Jr. Religion, Law
John Yoo Law, Torture, International Law, Terrorism, 911, Laws of War
Jonathan Clarke Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Neo-Conservatives, Terrorism, Ideas and Foreign Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy, Conservative Movement
Josef Joffe Iraq, Western Alliance
Josef Joffe Europe, Iraq, International Relations
Josef Joffe U.S. Empire
Josef Joffe Political Scientists, Journalists, International Relations, Germany
Josef Joffe Political Scientists, International Relations, Journalists, Germany
Joseph S. Nye,Jr. Political Scientists, International Relations, Global Order, Power
Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Political Scientists, Theory, Theory and Practice, International Relations, Decline, U.S. Decline, Nimitz Lecturers
Joseph Tussman Philosophers, Higher Education, Political Discourse, RIP
Joseph Wilson Diplomacy, Iraq
Juan Cole Middle East, U.S Foreign Policy, Religion
Juan Guzman Law, International Law, Human Rights, Chile
Judge Shelton Henderson Law, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Judges, Civil Rights, Black Lives
Judith Herman Psychiatry, Women Trailblazers, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom, Human Rights, Psychiatrists, Psychoanalysis, Healing
Karim Sadjadpour Iran
Karim Sadjadpour Iran
Karin Sveen Writers, University of California, California
Karl Eikenberry Military, Diplomacy, Afghanistan
Karsten Voigt Germany
Ken Goldberg Technology, Scientists, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information, Berkeley Faculty, Media, Cyber
Ken Goldberg Technology, Art, Scientists, Robotics, Berkeley Faculty, Humans and Machines
Ken Jacobs Movies, Film
Kenneth Boulding Theory, Peace Movements, Economists, National Security, Conflict Resolution, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
Kenneth D. Kaunda Zambia, Politics, Africa, Empire, Presidents, Black Lives, RIP
Kenneth Jowitt Political Scientists, Comparative Politics, Leninism, Democracy, Theory, Revolution
Kenneth Waltz Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, Geopolitics, Power, Realism, State Power, Berkeley Faculty, RIP
Kenzaburo Oe Nobel Laureates, Japan, Human Rights, Writers, Healing
Kevin Johnson Politics
Khaled Ahmed Journalists, Islam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.S. Foreign Policy, South Asia
Kishore Mahbubani International Relations, Globalization, International Institutions, Diplomacy, International Order, World Order
Kishore Mahbubani World Economy, Asia, U.S. Decline
Kishore Mahbubani Asia, Diplomacy
Kwame Anthony Appiah Philosophers, Theory, National Identity, Cosmopolitanism, Diversity, Political Identity, Nationalism, Black Lives, Identity
Lakhdar Brahimi United Nations, Afghanistan, Negotiating
Larry Brilliant Medicine, Technology, Philanthropy, Public Health, Elberg Lecturers
Lars-Erik Liljelund Sweden, Climate Change, Environment, Global Warming
Laura D'Andrea Tyson Economists, Women Trailblazers, Inequality, Gender
Laura D’Andrea Tyson Economists, U.S.Presidents, Globalization
Laurence R. Simon Political Scientists, Inequality, Development
Laurent Cohen-Tanugi Law, Globalization, Geopolitics, France
Lawrence K. Grossman Journalists, Public Broadcasting, Television News, Media, Public Television, RIP
Lawrence Stark Scientists, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Berkeley Faculty
Lawrence Wilkerson Military, Iraq, U.S. Presidents, 911
Lawrence Wright Writers, Pulitzer Prize, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Journalists, 911
Leon Botstein Higher Education, Music, University Presidents
Leon Fuerth Futurology, Ideas and Foreign Policy, Separation of Powers, Intelligence
Leon M. Lederman Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Scientific Inquiry, RIP
Leon Panetta U.S. Presidents, U.S. Foreign Policy, Politics, U.S. Congress, Defense Department, Intelligence
Leon Wieseltier Theory and Practice, Judaism, Editors, Human Rights, Critics, Jewish Identity, Identity
Leonard Shlain Medicine, Writers, RIP
Leslie H. Gelb Political Scientists, U.S. Foreign Policy, Power, RIP, Vietnam War
Lewis H. Lapham Writers, Editors, U.S. Presidents, Media, Journalists, Journals
Linda Greenhouse Journalists, Law, Supreme Court, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties
Lindsey Hilsum Journalists, Libya, Ethnic Conflict, Democratization, Failing States, Women Trailblazers
Linus Pauling Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Nuclear Weapons, Political Activism, Peace Movements, RIP
Lord Carrington Diplomacy, Arms Control, Nuclear Weapons, Arms Race, Arms Control, Great Britain, RIP
Lord Patten of Barnes Diplomacy, International Relations, Politics, Great Britain, University Presidents
Louise Richardson Terrorism, University Presidents, Women Trailblazers
Lowell Bergman Journalists, Television News, Documentaries, Media, Public Television, Public Broadcasting
Lt.Col. John A. Nagl Military, Terrorism, Strategy, Nimitz Lecturers, War
Luc Walleyn Law, International Law, European Union, Humanitarian Law, War Crimes
Lucy Jones  
Lucy Shapiro Scientists, Bioscience, Infectious Disease, Bacteria, Cells, Epidemiology, Scientists, Women Trailblazers
M. Ibrahim Turhan Islam, Turkey
Maire MacEntee Writers, Poetry, Women Trailblazers
Manuel Castells Sociologists, Globalization, Nationalism
Margot Wallstrom European Union, Sweden
Marion Nestle Food, Politics, Public Health
Mark Danner Writers, Human Rights, Berkeley Faculty
Mark Danner Berkeley Faculty, Leadership, Writers
Mark Danner Iraq, Torture, Human Rights, Writers, Journalists, U.S. Foreign Policy, Berkeley Faculty
Mark Danner Writers, Torture, Human Rights, Berkeley Faculty
Mark Leonard China, European Union
Mark Steyn Journalists, Europe, Islam, Nimitz Lecturers
Martha C. Nussbaum Women Trailblazers, Philosophers, Religion, Democracy, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Martin Smith Journalists, Documentaries, Public Broadcasting, Public Television
Martin Wolf Economists, Journalists, 2008 Economic Crisis, International Economy, Financial System, International Monetary System, Money, 2008 Economic Crisis, World Economy, Inequality, Great Britain
Marwan Muasher Middle East
Mary Ann Mason Law, Women Trailblazers, Gender, University of California
Massimo D'Alema European Left, European Union, Italy, Prime Ministers
Max Boot  
Max Boot War, Technology, Iraq, Afghanistan, Terrorism, Nimitz Lecturers
Merv Field Pollsters, California, Public Opinion, RIP
Micah Zenko Political Scientists, Military, National Security
Michael A. Levi Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism
Michael Anastasio Nuclear Weapons, National Laboratories, Scientists
Michael B. Oren Israel, Six Day War
Michael Hardt Theory, U.S. Empire, European Left
Michael Howard Historians, Cold War, Europe, Military, Geopolitics, RIP
Michael Kinsley Journalists, Technology
Michael Mann Sociologists, U.S. Empire
Michael Nacht Arms Control
Michael Pollan Journalists, Food, Politics, Berkeley Faculty
Michael R. Gordon Journalists, Military, Iraq
Michael Scheuer CIA, Middle East, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Intelligence, Osama Bin Laden, 911, Nimitz Lecturers
Michael Spence Economists, Nobel Laureates, International Economy, Leadership, Capitalism, Markets, Political Economy, World Economy, Inequality
Michael Walzer Theory, Political Scientists, Critics, Laws of War, International Law, War Crimes
Michael Warner Publics, Communications Technology, Benjamin Franklin, Public discourse in Colonial America, Discourse in a Democracy
Michael Watts Geographers, Environment, Globalization, Berkeley Faculty
Nancy Scheper-Hughes Anthropologists, Berkeley Faculty
Natan Sharansky Soviet Union, Human Rights, Russia, Political Activism
Nathaniel Fick Military, War, Iraq, Strategy, Nimitz Lecturers
Nathaniel Rich Movies, Writers
Nayan Chanda Asia
Nayan Chanda Globalization
Neil J. Smelser Sociologists, University of California, Higher Education, Berkeley Faculty
Neil Kinnock Great Britain, Politics, Leadership, Europe, Labor, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Neil Sheehan Journalists, Vietnam War, Pentagon Papers, Politics, American Century, RIP
Neil Shubin Scientists, Paleontology
Neil Smelser Sociologists, Terrorism, Theory, Social Science, Berkeley Faculty, Psychoanalysis, RIP
Nell Irvin Painter Historians, Art, Black Lives, Women Trailblazers
Nelson Polsby Politics, Political Scientists, U.S. Congress, Berkeley Faculty, RIP
Nemat Shafik Economists, International Economy, Globalization
Niall Ferguson Historians, Populism, Kissinger, Brexit, Great Britain
Niall Ferguson Historians, Money, International Relations, Power, Financial System, Great Britain, Imperialism
Niall Ferguson Historians, Ethnic Conflict, International Relations, Empire
Niall Ferguson Historians, Money, International Economy
Noam Chomsky Linguistics, Political Activism, U.S. Foreign Policy, Anarchism, Media, Dissent, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Norman Cousins Writers, Arms Race, Peace Movements, Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Presidents, Arms Control, Editors, RIP
Norman Myers Geographers, Environment, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
Norman Podhoretz Writers, Politics, Editors, Jewish Identity, Conservative Movement, Critics, Journals, Neo-Conservatives
Norton Schwartz Military, Nimitz Lecturers
Oliver Stone Movies, Politics, Deep State, Film, Elberg Lecturers
Oliver Stone Movies, Vietnam War, Dissent, Film
Olivier Roy Sociologists, Islam, Globalization, Terrorism, Political Identity
Olivier Roy Sociologists, Islam, Political Identity
Olli Rehn European Union, International Economy, Europe, 2008 Economic Crisis, Germany, Financial System
Olli Rehn Finland
Orhan Pamuk Nobel Laureates, Writers, Turkey
Oronto Douglas Nigeria, Environment, Political Activism
Oronto Douglas Law, Environment, Nigeria, Oil, Black Lives, Africa, Activism and the Law
Pamela Constable Journalists, Women Trailblazers, South Asia
Pamela Constable Journalists, Pakistan, Afghanistan
Parag Khanna World Order
Parag Khanna Globalization
Patrick Stewart Failing States, Nation Building
Paul Ekman Anthropologists, Facial Recognition, Human Communication, National Security
Paul Goldberger Critics, Architecture
Paul Pierson Political Scientists, Politics, Conservative Movement
Paul Warnke Arms Control, Nuclear Weapons, Soviet Union, Arms Race, RIP
Perry Anderson Historians, Theory, Marxism
Peter D. Hart Pollsters, Politics, Public Opinion
Peter Dale Scott Terrorism, CIA, Berkeley Faculty, Deep State
Peter Hayes Non-Governmental Organization, Korea, North Korea
Peter Neufeld Law, Human Rights, Innocence Project
Peter Singer Philosophers, Animal Rights
Peter Tarnoff Diplomacy
Philip Bobbit Law, Strategy, International Relations, State, International Law
Philip C. Bobbitt Law, Theory, Nation State, Machiavelli
Philip Gourevitch Writers, Rwanda, Human Rights, Genocide
Philip Habib Diplomacy, U.S Foreign Policy, U.S. Presidents, Negotiating, Middle East, RIP
Philip Pettit Philosophers, Principles
Philippe Sands Law, International Law, Human Rights, War Crimes, Torture, 911, Laws of War
Phillip Bobbitt Law, Terrorism, Market State, 911, National Security
Pierre Schori Sweden, United Nations
Pranab Bardhan Economists, India, China, Markets, Political Economy, Berkeley Faculty
Princeton Lyman Diplomacy, Globalization, U.S. Policy, Africa, China
Princeton Lyman Diplomacy, U.S. Foreign Policy, Globalization, RIP
Professor Paul Butler Law, Law and Inequality, Activism and the Law, Black Lives
R. James Woolsey National Security, Environment, Climate Change, CIA, National Security, Intelligence
Rajdeep Sardesai Journalists, India, South Asia, Modi
Ralph J. Cicerone Scientists, Climate Change, Global Warming, University Presidents, University Leadership, University of California
Rich Cohen Writers, Israel, Zionism
Richard B. Freeman Economists, Labor
Richard C. Lewontin Scientists, Scientific Inquiry, Geneticists, Science and Politics, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Genetics, RIP
Richard H. Solomon Diplomacy, Negotiations, Political Scientists, China, Asia
Richard H. Thaler Nobel Laureates
Richard J. Goldstone Law, Elberg Lecturers, International Law, Humanitarian Law
Richard Rosecrance Political Scientists, International Relations, Globalization
Robert A. Pape Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, Terrorism
Robert A. Scalapino Political Scientists, Asia, U.S. Foreign Policy, Berkeley Faculty, RIP
Robert Baer CIA, Iran, Middle East, Intelligence
Robert Fisk Journalists, Middle East, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, RIP
Robert Gallucci Environment, Leadership, Nuclear Proliferation, Philanthropy
Robert Gallucci Political Scientists, Negotiating, Multilateralism, U.S. Foreign Policy
Robert H. Scales Military, Strategy, War, Nimitz Lecturers
Robert Jay Lifton Psychiatrists, Human Rights, Japan, Terrorism, Psychiatry, Religion, Psychoanalysis, Identity
Robert Jervis Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, Realism, 911, RIP
Robert M. Berdahl Historians, University Presidents, University of California, Leadership, Higher Education, Berkeley Faculty
Robert O. Keohane Theory, International Institutions, International Relations, International Order, Global Institutions, Global Order, World Order
Robert Reich Politics, Political Economy, Inequality, 2008 Economic Crisis
Robert S. McNamara Cold War, Vietnam War, Nuclear Weapons, Defense Department, Elberg Lecturers, Kennedy, U.S. Presidents, Presidents, RIP
Robert William Fogel Nobel Laureates, Historians, RIP
Roger Daniels Historians, Immigration, Refugees
Rogers M. Smith Political Identity, U.S. Presidents, Founding Fathers, Political Scientists, U.S. Political Tradition
Ron E. Hassner Middle East, Religion, Political Scientists, Berkeley Faculty, Jewish Identity
Ronald M. George Law, California, Judges
Ronald Steel U.S. Presidents, Political Culture, American Century, U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Political Tradition, Ideas and Foreign Policy
Ronald V. Dellums Leadership, U.S. Congress, Politics, RIP
Rory Stewart Politics, Afghanistan
Roy L. Caldwell Bioscience, Marine Life, Scientists
Roya Hakakian Writers, Iran, Jewish Identity
Ruan Zongze China
Ruth Rosen Historians, Women Trailblazers
S. David Freeman Energy, Environment, Public Service, Global Warming, Climate Change, RIP
Sadako Ogata Humanitarian Assistance, Human Rights, Refugees, Women Trailblazers, Global Institutions, Elberg Lecturers, United Nations
Samantha Power Law, United Nations, Diplomacy, Humanitarian Assistance, Human Rights, Afghanistan, International Order, Nation Building, Theory and Practice
Samuel Bowles Economists, Political Economy
Samuel Lewis Middle East, Diplomacy, Israel, Palestine, Peace Process, RIP
Samuel Scheffler Philosophers, Berkeley Faculty, Principles
Scott Sagan Political Scientists, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Proliferation
Sebastian Mallaby Journalists, International Economy
Seyla Benhabib Theory, Human Rights, Cosmopolitanism, Globalization, Philosophers, International Law, Identity, Women Trailblazers, Political Scientists
Shari Eppel Human Rights
Shashi Tharoor Politics, Diplomacy, India, Multilateralism
Shashi Tharoor Diplomacy, Writers, Global Institutions, United Nations, Refugees
Sherle R. Schwenninger National Identity, Political Culture, U.S. Political Tradition, Ideas and Foreign Policy, RIP
Sherry Turkle Identity, Cyber, Computer Science, Information Technology, Psychology, Technology, Robotics, Consciousness, Conversations, Human Communication, Humans and Machines, Women Trailblazers
Shibley Telhami International Relations, Political Scientists, Middle East
Shibley Telhami Middle East, International Relations
Shibley Telhami Political Scientists, International Relations, Middle East
Shirin Ebadi Nobel Laureates, Human Rights, Iran
Sidney Altman Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Genetics, Bioscience, RNA, Cells, Scientific Inquiry, DNA
Siegfried S. Hecker Scientists, Nuclear Weapons, National Laboratories, Nuclear Proliferation, Terrorism, North Korea
Sir Brian Urquhart United Nations
Sir Brian Urquhart United Nations, Diplomacy, World Order, Global Institutions, Global Order, RIP, United Nations, Peacekeeping
Sir David King Scientists, Environment, Science and Public Policy, Climate Change, Great Britain, Global Warming
Sir John Gurdon Nobel Laureates, Genetics, Scientists, Bioscience, Cloning, Cells, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers
Sir Lawrence Freedman Historians, International Relations, War, Elberg Lecturers, Military, Geopolitics
Sir Ralf Dahrendorf Sociologists, Europe, Germany, Elberg Lecturers, RIP
Stanley Cavell Philosophers, Movies, Film, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
Stephen D. Biddle Strategy, Military, Technology, Iraq, 911, War
Stephen D. Biddle Military, Strategy, Vietnam War, Iraq, Militarism, Military Contractors
Stephen D. Krasner Political Scientists, International Relations, Theory and Practice, Global Institutions, Realism, Sovereignty, World Order
Stephen D. Krasner Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations
Stephen Holmes Political Scientists, Terrorism, Theory, U.S.Presidents, U.S Foreign Policy, 911, Torture, International Law, Law and Inequality
Stephen M. Walt Political Scientists, International Relations, Theory, Theory and Practice, 911, U.S. Foreign Policy, Realism
Stephen S. Cohen Economists, World Economy, Inequality, Sovereign Funds, 2008 Economic Crisis, Political Economy
Steve Coll Journalists, Al Qaeda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, Pulitzer Prize, South Asia, CIA, 911
Steven A. Cook Political Scientists, Middle East
Steven A. Cook Political Scientists, Military, Islam, Democratization, Turkey
Steven Chu Nobel Laureates, Scientists
Steven Pinker Psychology, Linguistics, Violence
Steven W. Squyres Scientists, Planetary Exploration
Steven Weber Political Scientists, International Relations, Information, Networks, Berkeley Faculty, Futurology
Stewart Patrick Political Scientists, Multilateralism
Stuart Altman Economists, Health Policy, Politics, Health Care
Stuart E. Eizenstat Law, International Law, U.S. Presidents, Human Rights, Reparations, Justice, Presidents
Studs Terkel Writers, RIP
Sung-Joo Han Korea, Diplomacy, International Relations
Susan Shirk Political Scientists, China, U.S. Foreign Policy, International Relations, Politics
Susan Shirk Political Scientists, U.S. Foreign Policy, World Order
Susan Shirk Political Scientists, China, U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Presidents, Women Trailblazers
Susumu Shimazono Comparative Religion, Religion, Japan
Svante Paabo Scientists, Evolution, DNA, Paleontology, Genetics
Sylvia A. Earle Scientists, Environment, Women Trailblazers, Marine Life, Oceans
T.M. Scanlon Philosophers, Human Rights, Freedom of Expression, Privacy, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Principles
T.V. Paul International Relations, Pakistan, South Asia
T.V. Paul Political Scientists, International Relations, Pakistan
Talal Asad Islam, Religion, Terrorism, Anthropologists, Political Islam
Tanya Luhrmann Anthropologists, Religion
Tariq Ali Islam, Pakistan, Empire, Elberg Lecturers
Tariq Ali Pakistan
Tariq Ramadan Philosophers, Islam, Globalization, Political Islam, Political Identity, Religion
The Right Honorable Lord Patten of Barnes, CH Europe, Diplomacy
Theda Skocpol Political Scientists, Politics
Thomas E. Ricks Military, Leadership, Iraq, Strategy, Nimitz Lecturers
Thomas Goltz Journalists
Thomas P.M. Barnett Military, Strategy, Nimitz Lecturers, Geopolitics
Tim White Bioscience, Scientists, Evolution, Berkeley Faculty
Timothy Garton Ash Historians, Journalists, Germany, Communism, Europe, Elberg Lecturers
Tom Engelhardt Writers, Publishing
Tom Farer Law, International Law, International Relations, Human Rights, Torture, Strategy
Tom Farer Law, International Law, Human Rights, Humanitarian Law
Tom Segev Human Rights, Historians, Genocide, War Crimes
Tom Segev Israel, Historians, National Identity, Jewish Identity, Identity, Zionism, Political Identity
Tom Segev Historians, Israel, Six Day War
Tom Wicker Journalists, U.S. Presidents, Soviet Union, Kennedy, Political Education, U.S. Foreign Policy, Cuban Missile Crisis, Presidents, RIP
Trita Parsi Iran, Political Scientists, Middle East
Trita Parsi Iran, Israel, Middle East, International Relations
V.S. Ramachandran Scientists, Brain, Consciousness
Vali Nasr Islam, Political Islam
Vicente Fox Politics, Presidents, Mexico
Victor Davis Hanson Strategy, War
Victor Davis Hanson Military, War, Iraq, Nimitz Lecturers
Victor F. Weisskopf Scientists, Scientific Inquiry, Elberg Lecturers, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP
Victor S. Navasky Journalists, Kennedy, Journals, Democracy, Editors, Writers, Censorship
Vitaly Naumkin Islam, State Power, Iraq
Walter Russell Mead U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Presidents, American Century
Walter Russell Mead Great Britain
Wei Jingsheng China, Human Rights, Dissent
Wendy Ewald Photography, Human Rights
William Cronon Historians, Environment
William Haglund Human Rights, Forensic Science, War Crimes, Anthropologists
William K. Coblentz Law, California, University of California, Leadership, American Century, RIP
William Pfaff Journalists, Europe, Vietnam War, U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Presidents, American Century, RIP
William Rusher National Review, Conservative Movement, U.S. Presidents, Cold War, RIP
Wole Soyinka Nobel Laureates, Nigeria, Writers, Political Activism, Political Prisoners, Human Rights, Elberg Lecturers, Black Lives
Wolfram Hanrieder Political Scientists, Germany, Cold War, RIP
Yegor Gaidar Economists, International Economy, Russia, Politics, Capitalism, Leadership, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, Markets, RIP
Yossie Hollander Environment, Oil, Global Warming, Climate Change
Yuri Slezkine Historians, Soviet Union, Russia, Communism, Religion, Berkeley Faculty
Zalmay Khalilzad Diplomacy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Strategy
Zhores I. Alferov Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Technology, Scientific Inquiry, RIP