International Studies at Berkeley

UC Berkeley has a long tradition of commitment to international studies within IIS and beyond, including a vast area studies program. Historically, the Institute of International Studies was once the projenitor of many of these initiatives which are now their own institutes and centers across campus. For more on the history of IIS at Berkeley, click here.  For any entities on Berkeley campus that would like to be listed here, please contact Claudia Gey at  

UC Berkeley's Area Studies Centers Today


CAS Programs & Centers

Latin America

East Asia

IEAS Programs & Centers

  • Center for Buddhist Studies (CBS)
  • Center for Chinese Studies (CCS)
  • Center for Japanese Studies (CJS)
  • Center for Korean Studies (CKS)
  • Center for Southeast Asia Studies (CSEAS)
  • Tang Center for Silk Road Studies (TCSRS)
  • Group in Asian Studies (GAS)
  • Mongolia Initiative (MI)
  • Berkeley APEC Study Center (BASC)

Middle East

CMES Programs & Centers


IES Programs & Centers

  • Center for British Studies (CBS)
  • Center for German and European Studies (CGES)
  • Nordic Studies Program (NSP)
  • French Studies Program (FRSP)
  • Center for Portugues Studies (CPS)
  • Spanish Studies Program (SSP)
  • Irish Studies Program (ISP)
  • Program for the Study of Italy (PSI)
  • Austrian Studies Program (ASP)
  • European Union Center of Excellence - joint effort with ISEEES (EUCenter)
  • France-Berkeley Fund (FBF)
  • Peter Sather Center (PSC)

South Asia

ISAS Programs & Centers

Eastern Europe & Russia

ISEEES Programs & Centers

  • Armenian Studies Program (ASP)
  • Berkeley Program in Eurasian and East European Studies (BPS)
  • European Union Center of Excellence - joint effort with IES (EUCenter)


ORIAS Programs & Centers

  • World History Reading Groups (WHRG
  • Summer Institutes for Teachers (SIT)

Teaching and International Studies Across Campus

Global Studies

The Global Studies Department offers undergraduate Major of Global Studies(link is external) and Minors in Global Studies (link is external)and Human Rights(link is external), as well as a year-long interdisciplinary Masters (MA) degree.

Political Science

The Political Science Department offers an undergraduate and graduate courses in international affairs, as well as an undergraduate primary subfield concentration in International Relations.

College of Letters and Sciences

The College of Letters and Sciences requires the completion of an International Studies breadth requirement for all undergraduate degrees. Find a list of eligible classes on in the Berkeley Academic Guide.

The World at Berkeley

Study Abroad

UC Berkeley offers access to a a number of program providers, with many opportunites for undergraduate students to study and work abroad around the world.

International Students Resources

The International Office at UC Berkeley offers support to students and faculty across the campus. Other resources:

Undergraduate Office of Admissions for international student information

- Graduate Division for announcements about opportunties abroad

- Fianncial Aid and Scholarships for financing higher education