Richard J. Goldstone: The Rule of Law

Conversations with History - Richard J. Goldstone

Richard J. Goldstone; Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa (1994-2003)

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Justice Richard J. Goldstone for a discussion of the role of law in transitions to democracy, in the prosecution of war crimes, and in the enforcement of the rules of war in
the post 911 environment. Drawing on his experiences in South Africa, on his work as special prosecutor for the Bosnia and Rwanda tribunals, and for his leadership of the UN commission on the Gaza War, Justice Goldstone discusses the distinctive features of the South African transition, the ground breaking work that facilitated a breakthrough in the Bosnia conflict, and the goals and accomplishments of the commission examining the conduct of Hamas and Israel in the Gaza War. He concludes with lessons learned from his efforts to insure the rule of law.

Key Words: Law, Elberg Lecturers, International Law, Humanitarian Law
Richard J. Goldstone
Publication date: 
February 16, 2011
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Conversations with History