Allan Gotlieb: A Canadian Diplomat Reflects on Canada's Relationship with the United States

Conversations With History: Canada Relations Allan Gotlieb

Allan Gotlieb, former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S.


Host Harry Kreisler welcomes distinguished Canadian diplomat Allan Gotlieb to discuss the U.S.- Canadian relationship. After tracing the features of their strategic partnership during the Cold War, Gotlieb analyzes the changes in bilateral relations in the wake of 911 and the 2008 economic collapse. In the context of America's focus on homeland security, rising unemployment, and environmental degradation, he examines the impact of domestic politics for any effort to develop a new American and Canadian agenda. In conclusion, he discusses factors that contributed to Canada's successful navigation of the world wide financial crisis.

KEYWORDS: Canada, 2008 Economic Crisis.

Allan Gotlieb
Publication date: 
January 25, 1989
Publication type: 
Conversations with History