Faculty-Led Initiatives

The faculty board and affiliates of IIS have since its founding contributed to the promotion of international studies education and research on UC Berkeley's campus. Their projects range from seminar organization to interdisciplinary research. 

Featured Programs and Seminars

Global History Seminar

The Global History Seminar showcases research that exemplifies the possibilities of a new global history. Featuring a Global History Seminar a broad array of presenters and presentations whose, whose interests range across regions, periods, and themes, yielding conversations that orient towards the conceptual premises and comparative implications of research.

Professors Brian DeLay (History) and Rebecca Herman (History) co-host the Global History Seminar. The seminar began in 2010 under the leadership of Professors DeLay and Daniel Sargent (History).

Monday International Relations Theory (MIRTH)

MIRTH is a colloquium centered around contemporary research in International Relations. At the majority of MIRTH seminars,  an external speaker presents and receives feedback on new research, bringing a steady stream of fresh ideas to campus and providing an opportunity for graduate students across cohorts, departments, and other nearby universities to engage with research-in-progress.

CPD promotes the study of the politics of developing societies by advancing collaboration among faculty and graduate students at Berkeley and connecting their research to central policy dilemmas.

Prof. Thad Dunning is CPD's Facutly Director.

Conversations with History is a decades-long project by Professor Emeritus and former IIS director Harry Kreisler. In the hundreds of interviews conducted, Harry reveals the thinking of some of history's most influential scholars and practitioners.

Paul Butler: Intellectual Journey from Reform to Activism

Intellectual Journey from Reform to Activism with Paul Butler - Conversations with History