Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions answers

Can I reserve the IIS conference room (223 Moses) for a meeting/event?
IIS Policy for Sharing our Conference Room (223 Moses):
To reserve please fill out this form and we will reach out to confirm your reseveration. 
We understand that finding space for meetings/events on campus can be challenging. Therefore, IIS is open to making our conference room, 223 Moses, available to other departments. To ensure continued and seamless accommodation of IIS's needs for access to our event space, we reserve the right to cancel reservations. We will refrain from doing so on short notice and generally let guest departments know at least 4 weeks prior to their scheduled meeting/event. Please note that IIS will decline reservation requests for:
  1. Recurring weekly/monthly meetings
  2. All-day meetings/events for more than one day in a row
  3. After 5:00pm or on weekends because IIS staff coverage after business hours is not available at this time.

Guest departments using 223 Moses are responsible for leaving the space in the same state/condition as it was found prior to their event. This includes the room set up, closing the windows, turning off technology and lights, and removing leftovers/trash in case food was served. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Where is IIS located?

IIS is located on the second floor of Moses Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.  Some IIS sponsored or co-sponsored events may be held in other locations.   

What is the difference between IIS and GIAS?
What is the difference between IIS and GIAS?

The Institute of International Studies is part of GIAS, an umbrella unit including Global, International, and Area Studies.  GIAS is the administrative hub for several other campus units including (in no particiular order) the Center for Latin American Studies; Canadian Studies; the Center for Middle Eastern Studies; Center for African Studies; the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies; and the Institute of European Studies.