Current Programs, Centers, Colloquiums

The Institute facilitates dialogue through its Interdisciplinary Faculty Program, which seeds research and encourages collaboration and discussion among faculty members across campus.  IIS also sponsors ongoing monthly or weekly seminars and workshops in International Relations, Political Economy, and Politics & Development. 


Design Innovation from Nature

This initiative envisions a new collaboration at UC Berkeley among the Colleges of Environmental Design, Letters and Sciences and Engineering beginning with the Departments of Architecture, Integrative Biology, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Its aim is to support the campus-wide Minor in Design Innovation and to foster the Design at Berkeley initiative. The overarching goal is...+ Read more

Gender and the Trans-Pacific World

Gender and the Trans-Pacific World , organized by Weihong Bao (Film and Media, and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Catherine Ceniza Choy (Ethnic Studies), SanSan Kwan (Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies), and Laura Nelson (Gender and Women’s Studies), explores the significance of gender and “Pacific World” frameworks to understand the connections between the lands, people, cultures, and...+ Read more

Examining the Global Reach of Algorithms

E xamining the Global Reach of Algorithms is an interdisciplinary working group led by Massimo Mazzotti (History), David Bates (Rhetoric), Caitlin Rosenthal (History), Jenna Burrell (Information Science), Morgan Ames (CSTMS), and Gretchen Gano (CSTMS). We explore the increasingly important and multifaceted roles that algorithms play in politics, media, science, organizations, culture, and the...+ Read more

Understanding the Cause(s) of the Last Mass Extinction at the Cretaceou-Paleogene Boundary

Organized by Paul Renne (Earth and Planetary Science), Mark Richards (Earth and Planetary Science), Charles Marshall (Integrative Biology), Seth Finnegan (Integrative Biology), and William Clemens (Integrative Biology), this project aims to chart a course to resolving the decades-old conundrum of why the dinosaurs and myriad other fauna and flora met extinction sixty-six million years ago. This...+ Read more

International Relations Theory

Program Series:
On Monday afternoons, IIS hosts an informal colloquium where a prominent speaker is invited to participate in a conversation with affiliated faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars about pressing issues of international relations. Professors: Michaela Mattes and Aila Matanock+ Read more

Political Economy Seminar

Program Series:
The Political Economy Seminar brings faculty and students together from across the campus. The seminar primairly focuses on formal or applied (game) theory analysis of topics in political economy or political science, e.g., voting, learning in elections, corruption, political selection and bad governments, civil and interstate conflict. Professors: Ernesto Dal Bo and Robert Powell+ Read more

Urban Inequalities in Developing Democracies

Program Series:
Co-organizers: Alison Post (Global Metropolitan Studies and Political Science), Leo Arriola (Political Science) This research initiative examines the origins and effects of inequality in small and medium-sized cities in the developing world. Two parallel trends have heightened the importance and prevalence of such inequalities. First, the world is rapidly urbanizing. While megacities have...+ Read more

Center on the Politics of Development

Program Series:
The Center on the Politics of Development (CPD) at the University of California, Berkeley promotes the study of the politics and governance of low-income societies by advancing collaboration among Berkeley faculty and graduate students conducting research in these areas. Informed by this research, the CPD identifies central policy dilemmas, develops solutions, and advocates for sustainable...+ Read more

Canadian Studies Program

Program Series:
The Canadian Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley was established in 1982, with the aim of institutionalizing the interdisciplinary study of Canada through the promotion of research, academic dialogue and public outreach. The Canadian Studies Program encourages and facilitates an awareness of Canadian issues on the UC Berkeley campus, in nearby institutions with no Canadian...+ Read more

Institutions and Governance Program

Program Series:
iGov-Institutions and Governance Program promotes interdisciplinary research and education on the origins, effects, and evolution of institutions. The goal of the Program is to advance our understanding of the ways that institutions shape economic and political outcomes as well as the ways that political and economic factors shape institutions. Mission: Support for UC Berkeley researchers doing...+ Read more

Mapping the Human Right to Water

Charlotte Smith (School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences), Charisma Acey (Department of City and Regional Planning), Isha Ray (College of Natural Resources, Energy and Resources Group), and Helene Silverberg (Political Science), are exploring access to water and sanitation as a human right. This right means that everyone, without discrimination, should have access to adequate...+ Read more