Frances Dinkelspiel: Stories from California’s Past

Conversations with History: Frances Dinkelspiel

Frances Dinkelspiel; journalist and author

Conversations host welcomes Berkeley’s 2016 HarvEst Distinguished Women Lecturer, Frances Dinkelspiel, for a discussion of her work as an author and journalist. Dinkelspiel reflects on the skills and temperament required in journalism and highlights the particular challenges posed by online journalism. She describes the history of Berkeleyside, the online news site she founded to cover the city of Berkeley. The conversation includes a discussion of her book on her great grandfather Isaias Hellman, an important banker in the founding of the California economy.  Tangled Vines, her book on the California wine industry is also discussed.

Key Words: Journalists, California
Frances Dinkelspiel
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October 13, 2015
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Conversations with History