Law And History: Transnational And Comparative Perspectives

Law and History: Transnational and Comparative Perspectives is organized by Stephanie Jones-Rogers (History), David Lieberman (Law), Rebecca McLennan (History) and Christopher Tomlins (Law).  Our goals are to enhance and better coordinate the large body of campus research that connects law and history.  We seek to provide a setting for collaborative discussion among the many faculty colleagues and graduate students in law, the humanities and social sciences who draw on legal materials and developments to explore larger societal and cultural processes including: the formation of collective identities; legal norms and political contestation; law and aesthetic representations; social movements; labor regimes and economic markets; immigration and citizenship; modes of authority and discipline; state practices and administration.  Our emphasis on “Transnational and Comparative Perspectives” is intended to furnish a capacious and flexible ground for the widest possible campus participation.