Julia Tjan

Job title: 
Undergraduate Student
Political Economy
Goldman School of Public Policy

Julia Tjan is a third year student from the East Bay Area majoring in Political Economy with a concentration in International Trade & Development and minoring in Public Policy. She has served as a Research Assistant for Dr. Aila Matanock’s Constitutions Project sponsored by the Defense Department’s Minerva Initiative on the legal framework of security institutions and violent instability in developing countries for over a year. Currently, she is a Business and Economic Consulting intern at SGI LLC., a DC firm that specializes in environmental sustainability and evolutionary economic consulting. Her academic interests include studying the intersection of economics & law, comparative market systems, the historical trajectory of industrialization, international trade policy, as well as human rights and social contract theory. Tjan is also a member of Sigma Alpha Nu, a pre-law fraternity on campus and has served as both the External Affairs Vice President and Philanthropy Chair. She hopes to pursue a career in the realm of policy research before heading to law school. 

Research interests: 
  • Development
  • Finance / Trade
  • Human Rights / Norms
  • Science / Environment
  • Security / Defense