Research Interest

Michelle Reddy

Program Director and Assistant Adjunct Professor
Master in Development Practice (MDP), Goldman School of Public Policy

Michelle Reddy is a political sociologist with interests in international development and organizations. Her recent work has largely focused on social mobilization during crises: Ebola, COVID-19, and the European migration crisis and how crises reflect wider challenges in democracy and development. A second, related line of work focuses on the expansion and professionalization of civil society organizations, education, and health NGOs in developing countries.

Dorothy Kronick

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Goldman School of Public Policy

Dorothy Kronick is a political scientist focused on contemporary Latin American politics, especially Venezuelan politics. Her work on crime and policing in the Americas highlights unintended consequences of common policies such as seizing illegal drugs or rewriting criminal procedure codes. She also studies democratic backsliding and competitive authoritarianism.

Hector Cardenas

Continuing Lecturer
Goldman School of Public Policy

Hector Cardenas is a continuing lecturer at the Goldman School of Public Policy, the President and CEO of The Ergo Group and serves on the board of directors of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (Comexi). His international interests include comparative regulatory regimes, development cooperation, sustainability and North American economic integration. He teaches a course in US-Mexico Policy Relations at GSPP.

Sean Gailmard

Political Science

Sean Gailmard is a professor of political science at UC Berkeley. He studies institutional development from a strategic perspective. His recent research focuses on historical political economy, particularly strategic dilemmas of governance in early modern empires.

James Midgley

Professor of the Graduate School
School of Social Welfare

James Midgley is Professor of the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley. He previously served as Dean of the School of Social Welfare and held the Harry and Riva Specht Chair in the Public Social Services (1997-2016). He studies international social development, comparative social policy and welfare and social protection, focusing on the social services and cash transfers in developing countries.

Research Interests:

International Social Development

Comparative Social Policy and Welfare


Andres Rodriguez Clare


Andrés Rodríguez-Clare is the Edward G. and Nancy S. Jordan Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in the International Trade and Investment group and Research Fellow at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Prof. Rodríguez-Clare studies how globalization affects welfare, inequality, employment and the environment.

Esteban Benitez

Undergraduate Student
Global Studies

Esteban Benitez is a senior from Visalia, CA majoring in Sociology and minoring in Global Studies with a concentration on the Americas. His academic interest include sustainable development in rural countries and immigration reform. He plans to attend law school following his studies at UC Berkeley.

Ana Singh

Undergraduate Student
Political Science
Public Health
South/Southeast Asian Studies

Ana is a fourth year student double majoring in Public Health and Political Science with minors in Public Policy and South/Southeast Asian Studies. Her academic interests include religious violence and politics in South Asia, tropical infectious disease epidemiology, and depictions of racial, sexual, and religious minorities in media. Ana is fluent in English, Hindi/Urdu, and Spanish. In the past, she has conducted research on the soda tax in place in several Bay Area cities, interned at the Berkeley City Council, and worked for the Indian non-profit Tata Trusts in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Ana...

Tanya Tandon

Undergraduate Student
Political Science
Goldman School of Public Policy

Tanya Tandon is a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and double minoring in Public Policy and Human Rights. On campus, Tanya served as the President of the Association for Socially Responsible Business. Before coming to UC Berkeley, Tandon worked in the nonprofit sector at RESULTS in advocacy and legislative work. Her previous experience focused on international sustainable development with the US Green Chamber of Commerce, as well as inclusive sustainable tourism and CSR at Taj Indian Hotels Company Limited in Mumbai through...

Julia Tjan

Undergraduate Student
Political Economy
Goldman School of Public Policy

Julia Tjan is a third year student from the East Bay Area majoring in Political Economy with a concentration in International Trade & Development and minoring in Public Policy. She has served as a Research Assistant for Dr. Aila Matanock’s Constitutions Project sponsored by the Defense Department’s Minerva Initiative on the legal framework of security institutions and violent instability in developing countries for over a year. Currently, she is a Business and Economic Consulting intern at SGI LLC., a DC firm that specializes in environmental sustainability and evolutionary economic...