Richard J. Goldstone: The Rule of Law

Richard J. Goldstone

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Justice Richard J. Goldstone for a discussion of the role of law in transitions to democracy, in the prosecution of war crimes, and in the enforcement of the rules of war in
the post 911 environment. Drawing on his experiences in South Africa, on his work as special prosecutor for the Bosnia and Rwanda tribunals, and for his leadership of the UN commission on the Gaza War, Justice Goldstone discusses the distinctive features of the South African transition, the ground breaking work that facilitated a breakthrough in the Bosnia conflict, and the...

Professor Paul Butler: Intellectual Journey from Reform to Activism

Professor Paul Butler

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Professor Paul Butler, Albert Brick Professor Law at Georgetown, for a discussion of the law and blacks. Topics covered include formative experiences including influence of his parents, his upbringing in Chicago, his education, and his work as a prosecutor. Emphasis is on how and why his ideas about reform and activism evolved as he came to understand black confrontation with the law.

Key Words: Law, Law and Inequality, Activism and the Law, Black Lives

Phillip Bobbitt: Terror and Consent: The Wars of the 21st Century

Phillip Bobbitt

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Philip Bobbitt, Herbert Wechsler Professor of Jurisprudence, Columbia University. Focusing on the transformation of the state and warfare, Professor Bobbitt offers a new interpretation of terrorism. He explains the emergence of the market state, compares it to the nation state, analyzes the unique features of warfare in the new century, and brings into focus the distinctive qualities of today's terrorism. Professor Bobbitt also describes the challenges posed for national security and offers an agenda for changes that integrate strategy and law....

Philippe Sands: The Rumsfeld Memo and the Betrayal of American Values

Philippe Sands

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes international lawyer Philippe Sands for a discussion of Bush administration policies regarding international law. Sands analyzes the evolution of international law from the Atlantic Charter to the present drawing on research in his two books, "Lawless World," and "Torture Team: Rumsfeld's Memo and the Betrayal of American Values." He concludes that war crimes may have been committed after 911 and that key players in the administration are subject to charges not only in the court of world opinion but also in tribunals invoking universal...

Philip C. Bobbitt: Machiavelli

Philip C. Bobbitt

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Columbia Law Professor Philip C. Bobbitt for a discussion of his new book on Machiavelli, "The Garments of Court and Palace." Focusing on "The Prince" and the "Discourses on Livy," Bobbitt argues that Machiavelli, steeped in the political turmoil of his time and drawing on his experiences as a diplomat and constitution draftsman, wrote an insightful and prophetic analysis of the transition from feudal city state to embryonic nation state.

Key Words: Law, Theory, Nation State, Machiavelli

Philip Bobbit: Law, Strategy and the Transformation of the State

Philip Bobbit

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Philip Bobbitt for a discussion of his book, The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace and the Course of History. Bobbitt explores the dynamic relationship between constitution and strategy and its consequences for the transformation of the state. In modern history, epochal wars are fought and then settlements reached that legitimate changes in the structure and form of the state, changes that emerged in the course of the conflict. Focusing on the case of twentieth century conflicts, Bobbitt explains how in this epoch--which lasted from the First World...

Peter Neufeld: A Passion for Justice

Peter Neufeld

Leading criminal attorney Peter Neufeld joins host Harry Kreisler to discuss the criminal justice system in America and his new book, Actual Innocence: Five Days to Execution and Other Dispatches from the Wrongly Convicted.

Key Words: Law, Human Rights, Innocence Project

Oronto Douglas: The BP Disaster: Lessons from the Niger Delta

Oronto Douglas

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Oronto Douglas for a discussion of the impact of the major oil companies on the ecology and politics of Nigeria. Drawing on his experience as a native of the Niger Delta and a leader of the environmental movement there, Oronto Douglas traces the struggle for environmental justice in his homeland. He analyzes the problems facing the new President of Nigeria and discusses his own role in the new administration. Oronto Douglas then analyzes the BP disaster in the American Gulf Coast and compares that tragedy to the experience of the Niger Delta. He...

John Yoo: The Shaping of a Legal Response to 9/11

John Yoo

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Professor John Yoo of UC Berkeley for a discussion of Presidential war powers. Professor Yoo analyzes the situation confronting the United States after the 911 attack and explains the development of the legal justifications for the Bush'administration's response. Topics addressed include the memorandum on torture, the interface between law and politics, secrecy and democracy, and the Bush legacy.

John Witte Jr.: Religion and Law

John Witte Jr.

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Professor John Witte, Jr., Director of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University. Reflecting on his career as an historian and legal scholar,
Professor Witte explores the evolution of legal studies and the emergence of an interdisciplinary study of religion and law. Comparing the two domains, he describes the nature of each realm and the dialectic that
shapes their interaction. He then traces religion's role in securing political and civil rights in the West exploring the implications of this narrative for addressing...