Mariano Sigifredo

Job title: 
Undergraduate Student
Political Science
Goldman School of Public Policy

Mariano is an Argentinian senior student pursuing a B.A. in Political Science, with a concentration in comparative politics and the political economy of development, with a minor in Public Policy. He is interested in the distribute effects of fiscal rents in developing countries and the politics of economic development. He worked as a research assistant and a “Summer Research Fellow” on projects of international security and post-conflict contexts in Latin America. He has been working on an Honors thesis that seeks to analyze the impact of the variation of subnational regime types in federal developing countries. He worked for international non-governmental organizations on projects that address issues of human rights and education. On campus, he is a member of the AEI executive council, where he co-organizes events with prominent scholars, politicians, and policymakers to enrich the competition of ideas. When he is not working on research projects, he is most likely coaching tennis to kids or skiing with friends.  

Research interests: 
  • Development
  • Human Rights / Norms
  • Security / Defense