Krish Gopalan

Job title: 
Undergraduate Student
Molecular and Cell Biology
Public Health
Global Poverty and Practice

Krish Gopalan is a fourth-year student at UC Berkeley from Southern California. He is pursuing a B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology and minoring in both Global Public Health and Global Poverty and Practice. His interests broadly include the politics of health and development in the Global South, especially in South Asia. His prior research includes analyses into the effectiveness of the Integrated Rural Development Program and the role of private-public partnerships in developing health infrastructure in India. At Berkeley, he was involved with the California Public Interest Research Group, advocating for food-insecure students and expanding pollinator habitats on campus. In his free time, Krish enjoys making music, reading, and playing board games. 

Research interests: 
  • Development
  • Governance / Democracy
  • Human Rights / Norms
  • Science / Environment