Ana Pereda

Nutriendo el Futuro
Nutritional Science
Fall 2018

Nutriendo el Futuro (Nourishing the future) is a social initiative created by students in Caracas as a solution to the food scarcity and hyperinflation that has been happening in Venezuela for the past couple of years; as many of the families have had to reduce the numbers of meals even for children in the household. The program objective is to provide one nutritious meal a day to 82 children school between 1 and 10 years in an underserved community in El Hatillo, Caracas that must be enrolled in. Nutriendo el Futuro is based in a model that hares the responsibility with the community as we believe in bottom-up approach; we provide the ingredients and recipes to ensure proper and efficient nutritional values, the mothers are responsible of cooking the meals, and finally, kids must bring their containers and silverware. We also try to encourage eating manners and reinforce community networking, as the children must eat in the communal house all sitting around a table, and the mothers must come together every day and work together to prepare the food. In order to measure the impact of the intervention there a trimestral anthropometric measurement to the kids enrolled and the mothers who work consistently also receive one meal a day. The program has been financially supporting by The Resolution Project and private donors, we hope that by attending this conference we will be able to raise some more funds. The costs are around $100 per week; however, we want to expand our work to municipal schools and more children within the community (there are approximately 400 children). Some of the barriers we have had to overcome are mainly creating trust in the community and making the program sustainable, because we see many times that these programs last for a few weeks and if you are lucky for a couple of months, we have passed the six months mark and the community is very strong and happy with their work. This year Samuel Diaz, the project leader in Caracas, and I will be attending the Clinton Global Initiative University conference held at the University of Chicago to expose our work and create awareness of the humanitarian crisis that is happening in Venezuela.