Nadia AlAjmi

Job title: 
Undergraduate Student
Media Studies
Political Science

Nadia AlAjmi is a fourth-year international student from Kuwait that is majoring in Media Studies and Political Science, with a concentration in international relations. Her academic interests broadly include women’s rights, Eastern European politics, political psychology and how these fields intersect. Given her multicultural background, she is fluent in Polish, Arabic and English. Previously, she was a research assistant with the Center for Studies in Higher Education where her work focused on the experiences that women in and after doctoral programs went through, such as racism, elitism and sexism. Currently, she is a research assistant working on a project that investigates LGBT-free zones in Poland, the EU’s response to them and the rise in right-wing movements. Aside from research, she is a Peer Advisor with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships, a Fellow with the Mixed at Berkeley Recruitment and Retention Center, and Communications Associate at the Pre-Law Review at Berkeley. After graduating, AlAjmi hopes to pursue her PhD in Political Science in order to continue her social science research.

Research interests: 
  • Comparative Politics 
  • Global/Transnational 
  • Human Rights/Norms