World Order

Ernst B. Haas: Science and Progress in International Relations

Ernst B. Haas

UC Berkeley Professor of Government, Ernst B. Haas, discusses his life, his work and his most recent book, "Nationalism, Liberalism, and Progress, When Knowledge is Power" with Harry Kreisler.

Key Words: Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, Nationalism, Social Science, Berkeley Faculty, Global Order, Scientific Inquiry, World Order, RIP

Susan Shirk: Addressing National Security Issues in the Post 911 World

Susan Shirk

Host Harry Kreisler welcomes UC professors Herbert York and Susan Shirk for a discussion of the role of research universities in meeting today's national security challenges. York, the first director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and founding director of the UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) and Shirk, Asian security policy expert and current IGCC Director, compare the Cold War and the Post 911 world. Highlighting the importance of regional contexts and the need for well informed diplomacy, they evaluate the U.S. response in managing these threats and offer...

Stephen D. Krasner: Sovereignty

Stephen D. Krasner

UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler welcomes political scientist Stephen D. Krasner for a discussion of the international politics, global institutions, and the role of idealism in shaping world order.

Key Words: Political Scientists, International Relations, Theory and Practice, Global Institutions, Realism, Sovereignty, World Order

Sir Brian Urquhart: Reflections on a Life in War and Peace

Sir Brian Urquhart

Former United Nations secretary General Sir Brian Urquhart in conversation with UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler looks back on his distinguished career as a soldier, diplomat, and international statesman.…

Key Words: United Nations, Diplomacy, World Order, Global Institutions, Global Order, RIP, United Nations, Peacekeeping

Robert O. Keohane: Theory and International Institutions

Robert O. Keohane

UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler welcomes international relations theorist Robert O.Keohane for a discussion of theory, international institutions, and the future of international order.

Key Words: Theory, International Institutions, International Relations, International Order, Global Institutions, Global Order, World Order

Parag Khanna: How to Run the World

Parag Khanna

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes author Parag Khanna for a discussion of his new book, How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance. In the interview, Khanna analyzes the complex ecosystem created by globalization exploring the implications for governance by states and international institutions. He explains how a new diplomacy has become the defining feature of international interactions involving a diverse array of actors in the public and private sectors. He discusses the implications of these changes for U.S. foreign policy, highlighting the...