Ralph J. Cicerone: Science, Climate Change, and Leadership

Ralph J. Cicerone

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Ralph J. Cicerone, President of the National Academy of Sciences for a discussion of the challenges facing the scientific community. Dr. Cicerone describes his research interests and explains the qualities of a scientist and what makes science a unique enterprise. He also focuses on leadership in science discussing his work at UC Irvine to establish a department of geosciences and his goals as President of the National Academy of Science and Chair of the National Research Council. He reflects on his work on,“Climate Change Science: An Analysis on...

John Heilbron: Science and History

John Heilbron

"Science and History" - Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes historian John Heilbron, the 2007 Hitchcock Lecturer, for a discussion of the history of science. He reflects on his contributions to the field, analyzes the challenges of studying science as a historian, and offers insight into the value of science history for society. John Heilbron also discusses his years as Vice Chancellor of the Berkeley campus.


James O. Freedman: Liberal Arts and Higher Education

James O. Freedman

President of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and former president of Dartmouth College, James Freedman discusses issues in higher education with UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler.


Key Words: Higher Education, University Presidents, University Leadership, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP

Frank Rhodes: Adaptation and Change in the American University

Frank Rhodes

Host Harry Kreisler welcomes Frank Rhodes, former President of Cornell University, for a discussion of the challenges and opportunities he faced leading an Ivy League university.


Key Words: University Leadership, Leadership, Higher Education, University Presidents, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP

Donald Kennedy: Science, Government, and the University

Donald Kennedy

"Science, Government, and the University" - Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Professor Donald Kennedy, Bing Professor of Environmental Science at Stanford University. Professor Kennedy offers his reflections on research and teaching in the biological sciences. He analyzes the challenges he faced as President of Stanford and talks about his present role as Editor-in-Chief of Science magazine. He also explores the evolution of relations between government and science.