Joseph Tussman: Education and Citizenship

Joseph Tussman

Philosopher and education theorist Joseph Tussman talks about the nature of learning, teaching, and political discourse. Series: Conversations with History.

KEYWORDS: Political Discourse

Ernst B. Haas: Science and Progress in International Relations

Ernst B. Haas

UC Berkeley Professor of Government, Ernst B. Haas, discusses his life, his work and his most recent book, "Nationalism, Liberalism, and Progress, When Knowledge is Power" with Harry Kreisler.

Key Words: Political Scientists, Theory, International Relations, Nationalism, Social Science, Berkeley Faculty, Global Order, Scientific Inquiry, World Order, RIP

Studs Terkel: Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times

Studs Terkel

Harry Kreisler welcomes Studs Terkel, prize-winning author and radio broadcast personality, on this edition of Conversations with History.

Key Words: Writers, RIP

Stanley Cavell: A Philosopher Goes to the Movies

Stanley Cavell

On this episode on Conversations with History, Stanley Cavell, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Harvard University, joins UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler to talk about his life as a philosopher and his passion for movies.

Key Words: Philosophers, Movies, Film, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP

Sir Ralf Dahrendorf: Reflections from a Life in Science and Politics

Sir Ralf Dahrendorf

Sir Ralf Dahrendorf, sociologist, former EU Commissioner and former Warden of St Antony's College at Oxford talks with UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler about his formative experiences and the ideas that have shaped in career in the academy and in public service.…

Key Words: Sociologists, Europe, Germany, Elberg Lecturers, RIP

Sir Brian Urquhart: Reflections on a Life in War and Peace

Sir Brian Urquhart

Former United Nations secretary General Sir Brian Urquhart in conversation with UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler looks back on his distinguished career as a soldier, diplomat, and international statesman.…

Key Words: United Nations, Diplomacy, World Order, Global Institutions, Global Order, RIP, United Nations, Peacekeeping

Sherle R. Schwenninger: Grand Strategy and American Triumphalism

Sherle R. Schwenninger

Foreign policy analyst Sherle Schwenninger of the New America Foundation joins host Harry Kreisler for a conversation on U.S. efforts to formulate a grand strategy in light of the new realities of world politics.…

Key Words: National Identity, Political Culture, U.S. Political Tradition, Ideas and Foreign Policy, RIP

Samuel Lewis: Reflections on the Work of Diplomacy and the Peace Process

Samuel Lewis

In this 1988 interview, diplomat Samuel Lewis joins host Harry Kreisler for a discussion of conflict resolution in the Middle East.

Key Words: Middle East, Diplomacy, Israel, Palestine, Peace Process, RIP

S. David Freeman: Energy, Conservation, and the Public Interest

S. David Freeman

Host Harry Kreisler welcomes attorney David Freeman who reflects on his distinguished career in public service and discusses the political and social forces that have shaped energy policy at the national and state level.

Key Words: Energy, Environment, Public Service, Global Warming, Climate Change, RIP

Ronald V. Dellums: Legislating for the People

Ronald V. Dellums

Welcome to a Conversation with History. I'm Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies. Our distinguished guest is the honorable Ronald V. Dellums. For more than twenty-seven years Ron Dellums was a congressman from California's Ninth Congressional District. In representing his district, Congressman Dellums not only brought to Washington the spirit and ideas of the sixties movements, but at the same time earned the admiration and respect of his Washington colleagues. Perceived upon his arrival as a gadfly, an outsider from "Berzerkeley," he left the Congress after serving as...