Nathaniel Rich: San Francisco in Film Noir

Nathaniel Rich

Conversations Host Harry Kreisler welcomes author Nathaniel Rich for a discussion of the film noir genre. Their conversation focuses on the key elements of the genre and explores why the City by the Bay came to be a preferred setting for the films that brought to the screen the terror and dread of the modern city.

Oliver Stone: History and the Movies

Oliver Stone

Academy award winning Director Oliver Stone talks with UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler about Vietnam, his movies, and the art of cinema.

Key Words: Movies, Vietnam War, Dissent, Film

Ken Jacobs: Film and the Creation of Mind

Ken Jacobs

For more than 35 years, drawing on his skill as an imaginative illusionist, a work man-like tinkerer, and a worshipper of film frame by frame, Ken Jacobs has confronted reality and unmasked established powers.


Stanley Cavell: A Philosopher Goes to the Movies

Stanley Cavell

On this episode on Conversations with History, Stanley Cavell, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Harvard University, joins UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler to talk about his life as a philosopher and his passion for movies.

Key Words: Philosophers, Movies, Film, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP

Oliver Stone: Movies, Politics, and History

Oliver Stone

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes filmmaker Oliver Stone for a discussion of the trajectory of his career as director, screenwriter, and producer. Stone traces formative experiences, talks about different aspects of the filmmaking process including working with actors, writing screenplays, directing and post production. He focuses on the themes that have drawn him, the distinction of being a dramatist who works with historical materials, and his recent works including Alexander and the 10 part documentary on The Untold History of the United States.

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