Higher Education

Leon Botstein: Music and Education

Leon Botstein

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Leon Botstein, President, Bard College and conductor and music director, New York Symphony Orchestra. Botstein traces his dual career paths. He compares leadership in an orchestra and in a liberal arts college. He recalls his innovations as a conductor emphasizing the need to place music in its intellectual, political and social context. Botstein then focuses on the challenges of higher education, identifying the elements of an ideal curriculum and programs that foster creativity. He concludes with a critique of the American education...

Joseph Tussman: Education and Citizenship

Joseph Tussman

Philosopher and education theorist Joseph Tussman talks about the nature of learning, teaching, and political discourse. Series: Conversations with History.

KEYWORDS: Political Discourse

Robert M. Berdahl: Leading Berkeley into the 21st Century

Robert M. Berdahl

Chancelor Berdahl discusses his work as a historian and the challenges facing the Berkeley campus


Key Words: Historians, University Presidents, University of California, Leadership, Higher Education, Berkeley Faculty

Neil J. Smelser: Reflections on the University of California: From the Free Speech Movement to the Global University.

Neil J. Smelser

Drawing on decades of experience as a sociologist actively engaged as advisor to chancellors and observer of the Berkeley campus, Smelser discusses the Free Speech Movement, university leadership, surprises confronting campus administrators, affirmative action, and athletics. Drawing on the lessons of the last fifty years, he also analyzes the challenges facing the University of California in the 21 century.

Key Words: Sociologists, University of California, Higher Education, Berkeley Faculty

John Heilbron: Science and History

John Heilbron

"Science and History" - Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes historian John Heilbron, the 2007 Hitchcock Lecturer, for a discussion of the history of science. He reflects on his contributions to the field, analyzes the challenges of studying science as a historian, and offers insight into the value of science history for society. John Heilbron also discusses his years as Vice Chancellor of the Berkeley campus.


James Wright: American Democracy, Veterans, and Higher Education

James Wright

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Dartmouth's James Wright, President Emeritus and Eleazar Wheelock Professor of History, for a discussion of his work as a historian and as President of an Ivy League college. Topics covered include: his formative years, his research on populism in the Western U.S. in the 19th century, leadership in higher education, and challenges facing public and private universities in the new economic environment. President Wright also discusses his work in aiding Afghanistan and Iraq War veterans to pursue higher education. He places these efforts in the...

James O. Freedman: Liberal Arts and Higher Education

James O. Freedman

President of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and former president of Dartmouth College, James Freedman discusses issues in higher education with UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler.


Key Words: Higher Education, University Presidents, University Leadership, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers, RIP

Ira Michael Heyman: Values, Persuasion, and Leadership in the Public Sector

Ira Michael Heyman

In this edition, UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler talks with Ira Michael Heyman, former Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley and former Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Chancellor Heyman discusses leadership, the challenges facing higher education and the problems of managing public museums.


Key Words: Law, Leadership, University of California, University Presidents, Higher Education...

Harold T. Shapiro: The Changing Role of University Presidents

Harold T. Shapiro

Conversations host Harry Kreisler speaks with Harold T. Shapiro, former president of Princeton and of the University of Michigan about the changing role of university presidents.


Key Words: University Presidents, Higher Education

Hanna Holborn Gray: Leadership in Higher Education

Hanna Holborn Gray

Host Harry Kreisler welcomes Hanna Holborn Gray, former President of the University of Chicago, for a discussion of leadership. She reflects on the influence of her parents, her historical studies, the challenge of being the first woman president of a major American university, the values that guided her, the changing identity and mission of universities as they seek to insure equality and excellence, the problem of financing universities without threatening the integrity of research and teaching, and the impact of globalization. Finally, she offers suggestions to students on education and...