Michael Howard: The Transformation of Europe

Jennifer Doudna

Historian Sir Michael Howard joins Conversations with History host Harry Kreisler for a discussion of the changes in Europe with the end of the Cold War.

Laurent Cohen-Tanugi: Charting the Geopolitics of a New Century

Laurent Cohen-Tanugi

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes international lawyer Laurent Cohen-Tanugi for a discussion of globalization and its impact on the geopolitics of the 21st century. Because of the interface between globalization and geopolitics, Cohen-Tanugi argues that there is a resurgence of the global struggle for power not its demise. In the conversation, Cohen-Tanugi reflects on the relative decline of the West, the failure to integrate the Islamic world, and the emergence of new centers of power such as China and India. He also analyzes the major challenges to global order and...

Kenneth Waltz: Theory and International Politics

Kenneth Waltz

On this edition of Conversations with History, UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler talks with renowned political scientist Kenneth N. Waltz, about theory, international politics, and the U.S. role in world affairs.

KEYWORDS: Theory, Power, Realism, State Power.

Thomas P.M. Barnett: The Pentagon's New Map

Thomas P.M. Barnett

Military Strategist Thomas P.M. Barnett joins Conversations host Harry Kreisler for a discussion of military strategy, the changing role of the U.S. military, and the implication of globalization for world order and military power.

KEYWORDS:Strategy, Nimitz Lecturers.

John Mearsheimer: Through the Realist Lens

John Mearsheimer

On this episode of Conversations with History, author and University of Chicago professor John J. Mearsheimer joins UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler to discuss the Realist theory of international relations and its implications for understanding the U.S. role in the world, future relations with China, and our response to the terrorist threat.…

Key Words: Political Scientists, Theory,...

Sir Lawrence Freedman: Reflections on War

Sir Lawrence Freedman

Conversations host welcomes Sir Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College, London, for a discussion of his new book, The Future of War, A History. Sir Lawrence reflects on the historical perspective he brings to topics such as strategy and war. Emphasizing the importance of understanding patterns and context through the study of history, Sir Lawrence analyzes what we can learn through a focus on ideas that shape thinking about war. What are the origins of these ideas? How do these ideas hold up in the face of the flexibility of adversaries to develop new...