Foreign Policy

Research Interest

Andrew Reddie

Assistant Adjunct Professor
School of Information
Dr. Andrew Reddie is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Cybersecurity at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Information where he works on projects related to cybersecurity, nuclear weapons policy, wargaming, and emerging military technologies. He is also the founder and faculty director for the Berkeley Risk and Security Lab. Andrew is currently a Bridging the Gap New Era fellow, Hans J. Morgenthau fellow at Notre Dame University, a non-resident fellow at the Brute Krulak Center at Marine Corps University, faculty director at the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, and...

Matthew Specter

Senior Fellow
Institute of European Studies

Matthew Specter (PhD, Duke) writes on 20th century European, American and global intellectual history, especially the history of German political thought and the history of IR theory. A former tenured Associate Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University, he is currently a Lecturer in History at Santa Clara University and Associate Editor of History and Theory. He is the author of Habermas: An Intellectual Biography (Cambridge 2010) and The Atlantic Realists: Empire and International Political Thought Between Germany and...

Emma Zazueta Lachenaud

Undergraduate Student
Political Economy

Emma Zazueta Lachenaud is a third-year international student at Cal studying Political Economy with a concentration in Economic Development with Econometrics. She has also completed the Haas School of Business intense summer Business for Arts, Sciences and Engineering program. Her interests include comparative politics and diplomacy, economics, international security, and how these fields intersect. Zazueta Lachenaud interned at the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament in Panama, where she conducted research and learned about the diplomatic and parliamentary field. At Berkeley, Zazueta...

Blaze Joel

Graduate Student

Blaze Joel is a Ph.D. student in the History Department at the University of California Berkeley. His research focuses on nationalism, memory, violence, and national identity in twentieth-century Europe. He studies these issues in the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, and the Basque Country, as well as in an international, trans-European framework. He also studies the Cold War in a global perspective.

Joel is a recipient of the 2021 IIS...

Mark Danner

Class of 1961 Distinguished Chair in Undergraduate Education
Graduate School of Journalism

Mark Danner is longtime journalist and writer who holds the Class of 1961 Distinguished Chair in Undergraduate Education at the University of California at Berkeley, teaching in both the Graduate School of Journalism and the Department of English. He writes about political violence, war, and American politics, mostly for The New York Review of Books and The New Yorker, and teaches courses in foreign and war reporting and the realist and modernist novel.

Rafi Lazerson

Graduate Student
Goldman School of Public Policy

Rafi Lazerson is an MPA candidate at the Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley. His policy focus is on interdisciplinary evidence-based approaches to address extremist disinformation online and related security threats. Rafi has several years of professional experience in research-solutions, advocacy, organization leadership, project management, and partnership-facilitation. He received a BA in Political Science from the Brooklyn College Scholars Program.

Daniel J. Sargent

Associate Professor
Goldman School of Public Policy
Daniel J. Sargent is associate professor at the University of California, where he is jointly appointed in the Department of History and the Goldman School of Public Policy. He is a historian who specializes in U.S. foreign policy and the history of international relations. His research has explored how states and decision makers adapt to long-term changes in their international environments, including the historical advance of globalization. He is presently interested in how the United States has strived, over the long arc of its history, to constitute and sustain international order,...

Daniel Zoughbie

Associate Project Scientist
Institute of International Studies

Daniel E. Zoughbie is an Associate Project Scientist at the Institute of International Studies and PI of MENA-3D (Middle East and North Africa Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Initiative). His research focuses on US foreign policy, social networks, and international health.

Stephen Neal

Graduate Student
Goldman School of Public Policy

Stephen Neal is an intellectual property lawyer of twenty years experience. He previously worked as an electric engineer developing evolutionary software. He is a candidate at the Goldman School for a Masters of Public Affairs to research climate change mitigation and adaptation policy. He also volunteers for election protection and voter right groups.

Shawn Ewbank

Graduate Student
Goldman School of Public Policy

Shawn Ewbank is an MPA Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley's Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy. He is focused on societal transformation towards peace, specifically in the context of climate change, technology, democracy and economy.