European Union

Olli Rehn: The Political Economy of the European Response to the 2008 Economic Collapse

Olli Rehn

Conversations Host Harry Kreisler welcomes Olli Rehn, Vice President of the European Commission, for a discussion of Europe's response to the 2008 Economic Collapse. Topics covered include a comparison of the U.S. and European institutional situation at the time of the Lehman collapse and the divergence of response; Europe's complex institutional structure; why political/economic analysis is necessary for understanding Europe's policy making; why timing, power and sequencing of priorities are so consequential; the role of the commission and its goals; the use of language in...

Guenter Burghardt: The European Union and Transatlantic Relations

Guenter Burghardt

Ambassador Dr. Guenter Burghardt, who is the head of the delegation of the European Commission to Washington, D.C., joins host Harry Kreisler to talk about the European Union and transatlantic relations.

Key Words: Diplomacy, U.S. Foreign Policy, European Union

Anita Gradin: Securing the Rights of Women

Anita Gradin

Harry Kreisler, Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley, in a conversation with Ambassador Anita Gradin, former European Union Commissioner from Sweden.

KEYWORDS: Sweden, Gender, Inequality.