Lewis H. Lapham: An Editor's Odyssey

Leon Wieseltier

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Harper's Editor Emeritus Lewis Lapham for a discussion of his career and the history of Harper's Magazine. Lapham compares print to electronic media, analyzes the corruption of language by politics,and reflects on the incompatibility of democracy and empire. He concludes with a devastating critique of the Bush administration and its impeachable offenses.

KEYWORDS: Journals

Leon Wieseltier: Intellectual Odyssey

Leon Wieseltier

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Leon Wieseltier, Literary Editor of the New Republic. Focusing on Wieseltier's intellectual odyssey, the conversation includes discussion of his background, his education and mentors, Jewish identity in America, the political debate in Israel, his decision to write Kaddish, the attributes of intellectuals, the defining features of liberal sensibility, the challenge of reconciling theory and practice, the argument for humanitarian intervention, the meaning of the Arab Spring, and the challenges facing culture in America today.


Victor S. Navasky: Journals of Opinion and the Work of Democracy

Victor S. Navasky

Conversations Host Harry Kreisler welcomes Victor Navasky, Publisher and former Editor of The Nation, for a discussion of the role of opinion journals in democracies. Navasky reflects on his life as a journalist, editor, and publisher.

KEYWORDS: Kennedy, Journals, Democracy, Censorship.

Gideon Rose: How Wars End

Gideon Rose

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Gideon Rose, Editor of Foreign Affairs, for a discussion of his new book, How Wars End. Topics covered include: his intellectual journey, the challenges of editing Foreign Affairs, public discourse on international affairs, the interplay between ideas and action, the politics of ending wars, Obama's strategy in Afghanistan, and the lessons to be learned from the record of American war termination from World War I to the second Iraq War.

Key Words: Political Scientists, War, Editors, Vietnam War...

Norman Podhoretz: The Battle over Ideas

Norman Podhoretz

UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler in conversation with Norman Podhoretz, whose 35 years as an author, literary critic and editor of Commentary magazine has had a profound influence on the ideas that have shaped public debate in the United States.


Key Words: Writers, Politics, Editors, Jewish Identity, Conservative Movement, Critics, Journals, Neo-Conservatives

Norman Cousins: The Quest for Peace

Norman Cousins

In this 1984, distinguished writer and editor Norman Cousins joins Conversations host Harry Kreisler for a discussion of the dangers of the nuclear arms race and his role in mediating communications between Kennedy and Khruschev at the height of the Cold War.

Key Words: Writers, Arms Race, Peace Movements, Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Presidents, Arms Control, Editors, RIP