Cold War

Michael Howard: The Transformation of Europe

Jennifer Doudna

Historian Sir Michael Howard joins Conversations with History host Harry Kreisler for a discussion of the changes in Europe with the end of the Cold War.

Wolfram Hanrieder: Germany

Wolfram Hanreider

Conversations Host Harry Kreisler welcomes Professor Wolfram Hanrieder for a discussion of German politics during the Cold War and in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

KEYWORDS: Germany.

William Rusher: The Conservative Movement

William Rusher

Conversations host Harry Kreisler speaks with William A. Rusher, former publisher of the "National Review" about the conservative movement.

KEYWORDS: National Review.

Robert S. McNamara: A Life in Public Service

Robert S. McNamara

Robert S. McNamara, former Secretary of Defense and former President of the World Bank reminisces with host Harry Kreisler about public service, the War in Vietnam, and the dangers of the superpower confrontation during the Cold War.

Key Words: Cold War, Vietnam War, Nuclear Weapons, Defense Department, Elberg Lecturers, Kennedy, U.S. Presidents, Presidents, RIP

John Kenneth Galbraith: Intellectual Journey: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom

John Kenneth Galbraith

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith, in a conversation with host Harry Kreisler, looks back and reflects on the art of writing, U.S. policy toward the Third World during the Cold War, political leadership, and on his intellectual contributions.

Key Words: Economists, Politics, U.S. Presidents, Writers, Cold War, Kennedy, Great Depression, Presidents, RIP

Jack F. Matlock, Jr : The Collapse of the Soviet Union and the End of the Cold War: A Diplomat Looks Back

Jack F. Matlock, Jr.

In this edition, UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler talks with Ambassador Jack Matlock who served as the last U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union. Ambassador Matlock offers his reflections on the fall of the Soviet Union, the policies of the Reagan administration, and how students should prepare for the future.

Key Words: Diplomacy, Soviet Union, Gorbachev, U.S. Presidents, Cold War, Glasnost,...