Berkeley Faculty

Nancy Scheper-Hughes: Studying the Human Condition: Habits of a Militant Anthropologist

Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, a noted Anthropology Professor at UC Berkeley and author of numerous award-winning works joins UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler.

KEYWORDS: Anthropologists.

Michael Watts: The Local-Global Dialectic: A Geographer's Perspective

Michael Watts

Geographer Michael Watts, the Director of the UC Berkeley's Institute of International Studies, talks about his personal and political evolution as a researcher and scholar of internationalism and modernity.

KEYWORDS: Geographers, Globalization.

Michael Pollan: The Politics of Food

Michael Pollan

Host Harry Kreisler welcomes writer Michael Pollan for a discussion of the agricultural industrial complex that dominates consumer choices about what to eat. He explores the origins, evolution and consequences of this system for the nation's health and environment. He highlights the role of science, journalism, and politics in the development of a diet that emphasizes nutrition over food. Pollan also sketches a reform agenda and speculates on how a movement might change America's eating habits. He also talks about science writing, the rewards of gardening, and how students might...

Mark Danner: The Red Cross Report, the Torture Memos, and Political Accountability

Mark Danner

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes writer Mark Danner for a discussion of his articles in the New York Review of Book on the torture policies of the Bush Administration. The conversation addresses these topics: how interrogation turned to torture in response to the 911 attacks, the mind set of Cheney and Rumsfeld, the impact of the Church Committee reforms, the political dimensions of uncovering scandal in an empire that is also democracy, the implications of torture for American identity, and the politics and necessity of establishing accountability.


Mark Danner: Truth, Power, and the Iraq Debacle

Mark Danner

Conversations Host Harry Kreisler welcomes writer Mark Danner for a discussion of the Iraq War and foreign policy in the Bush administration. Informed by history, Danner's analysis includes comparison of Bush and Reagan, draws attention to change in U.S. policy on torture, and examines the options for future U.S. policymakers.

KEYWORDS: Iraq, Torture.

Mark Danner: Being a Writer

Mark Danner

Welcome to a Conversation with History. I am Harry Kreisler of the Institute of International Studies. Our guest today is Mark Danner, a staff writer for the New Yorker specializing in foreign affairs. He has worked on the staff of the New York Review of Books, as senior editor of Harper's Magazine, as foreign affairs editor of The New York Times Magazine. He has co-written and co-produced two hour-long, award-winning documentaries for ABC News Peter Jennings Report. Mark is a frequent contributor to major magazines and is a frequent guest on news analysis television programs. He is...

Mark Danner: Ideas and Leadership in U.S. Foreign Policy

Mark Danner

Mark Danner interviewed by Conversations host Harry Kreisler, in a discussion of ideas in foreign policy.

Lawrence Stark: The Mind's Eye

Lawrence Stark

Conversations with History and Host Harry Kreisler welcomes UC Berkeley's Professor Lawrence Stark who reflects on his work in engineering, opthamology and cybernetics..

KEYWORDS: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics.

Kenneth Waltz: Theory and International Politics

Kenneth Waltz

On this edition of Conversations with History, UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler talks with renowned political scientist Kenneth N. Waltz, about theory, international politics, and the U.S. role in world affairs.

KEYWORDS: Theory, Power, Realism, State Power.

Yuri Slezkine: The Jewish Century

Yuri Slezkine

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Berkeley Professor Yuri Slezkine for a discussion of the Jewish odyssey in the 20th century. His comparative analysis focuses on the similarity of the Jews to other "Mercurians" and provides new insight into understanding the paths the Jews took amidst the chaos of the last century.

Key Words: Soviet Union, Communism, Russia, Religion.