Gender and the Trans-Pacific World

Program Series:

Gender and the Trans-Pacific World, organized by Weihong Bao (Film and Media, and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Catherine Ceniza Choy (Ethnic Studies), SanSan Kwan (Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies), and Laura Nelson (Gender and Women’s Studies), explores the significance of gender and “Pacific World” frameworks to understand the connections between the lands, people, cultures, and environments that are in and border the Pacific Ocean. The project will engage with questions related to trans-Pacific migrations, empires, and racializing processes, such as: How have trans-Pacific migrations resulted in gendered imbalanced communities? And how have these communities navigated social norms in the environments that they encountered? How have gendered language, imagery, and policies articulated, visualized, and institutionalized geopolitical relations of power? How can we connect "gender" with "world" in ways that emphasize their roles in constructing racial difference as well as presenting critical flexibility? Our group will present a speaker series that features the centrality of gender and the trans-Pacific world for the interdisciplinary study of labor, migration, cultural exchange, military engagement, health, and the environment.  

Photo by Eunice Hong