Faculty Affiliate

Matthew Specter

Senior Fellow
Institute of European Studies

Matthew Specter (PhD, Duke) writes on 20th century European, American and global intellectual history, especially the history of German political thought and the history of IR theory. A former tenured Associate Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University, he is currently a Lecturer in History at Santa Clara University and Associate Editor of History and Theory. He is the author of Habermas: An Intellectual Biography (Cambridge 2010) and The Atlantic Realists: Empire and International Political Thought Between Germany and...

Rachel Stern


Rachel Stern is a Professor of Law and Political Science and currently holds the Pamela P. Fong and Family Distinguished Chair in China Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. She studies law in mainland China and Hong Kong, especially the relationship between legal institution building, political space, and professionalization.

Eric Stover

Faculty Director
Human Rights Center, Berkeley Law School

Eric Stover is Faculty Director of the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley. During the wars in Croatia and Bosnia, he served on several medico-legal investigations as an “Expert on Mission” to the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. In the early 1990s, Stover conducted the first research on the social and medical consequences of land mines in Cambodia and other post-war countries. His research helped launch the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines, which received the Nobel Prize in 1997. He has published 10 books; the most recent is Silent...

Scott Straus

Political Science

Scott Straus (Ph.D. Berkeley, 2004) is a Professor of Political Science who studies political violence, genocide, human rights, and post-conflict politics with an empirical focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. He is the author or editor of nine books, including Making and Unmaking Nations: War, Leadership, and Genocide in Modern Africa (Cornell, 2015), which won the Grawemeyer Award for Improving World Order, the...

Karl van Bibber

Nuclear Engineering

Karl Van Bibber is Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Executive Associate Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He studies basic and applied nuclear science, particle astrophysics, and accelerator science and technology.

Steven Weber

School of Information
Political Science

Steven Weber is a Professor in the Department of Political Science and the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley. He studies the intersection of technology markets, intellectual property regimes, and international politics, with a focus on the political economy of knowledge intensive industries and the impact of technology on national as well as international security.

Martha Wilfahrt

Assistant Professor
Political Science

Martha Wilfahrt is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. She studies African politics with a focus on redistributive politics, state-society relation and historical legacies. On-going projects include research on the long-run impact of precolonial statehood on contemporary governance in West Africa and work examining how colonialism impacted community development strategies.

Jason Wittenberg

Political Science

ason Wittenberg is a Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He studies religion and politics, ethnic conflict, historical legacies and elections, with recent work on antisemitism and democracy, in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet region.

John Yoo


John Yoo is the Emanuel Heller Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. He studies international and constitutional law, focusing on foreign and defense policy with a particular interest in how modern weapons technology could change the rules for armed conflict.

Daniel Zoughbie

Associate Project Scientist
Institute of International Studies

Daniel E. Zoughbie is an Associate Project Scientist at the Institute of International Studies and PI of MENA-3D (Middle East and North Africa Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Initiative). His research focuses on US foreign policy, social networks, and international health.