Manuscript Mini-Conference Grants

Funding Series: 

Faculty members who have completed book manuscripts that are ready for review for publication may apply for funding for "mini-conferenceā€ funding. The purpose of the mini-conference grant is to provide feedback to an author midway through the revision process.  Preference will be given to junior faculty and mid-career faculty.  Senior faculty who feel that they have completed a significant manuscript and would like to host a larger conference on the book prior to publication may also apply for support from IIS.  This grant has been supported since 2010, resulting in over 20 publications to date.

Supported Activities: Conferences will typically be one day in length. Applicants may invite 2-3 outside discussants in their field to provide written feedback on the manuscript and facilitate discussion on specific chapters, as well as Berkeley faculty members. Ideally, applicants would also invite one graduate student from Berkeley to comment on the manuscript. Senior faculty members who have completed significant manuscripts with broad interdisciplinary appeal may apply for support for a larger conference around their book.

The IIS Faculty Grant Committee will review all applications.  The application webform can be found here

Only senate faculty are eligible. Preference will be given to junior faculty and mid-career faculty, but senior faculty may apply as well.

Maximum of $5,000. Funds must be spent by the conclusion of the conference for which they are awarded.

Details will be announced soon.