The Institute of International Studies (IIS) at the University of California, Berkeley is a multidisciplinary organized research unit (ORU). The Institute‚Äôs mission is to support research and scholarship by faculty and students that engages diverse questions in the arena of world politics. The Institute conceives of its multidisciplinary and international mission across three general activities: supporting research; facilitating dialogue; and coordinating lectures. 

Supporting research is a central aim of the Institute's mission, including funding opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research.

The Institute facilitates dialogue by sponsoring ongoing monthly or weekly seminars and workshops.  Currently, these seminars and workshops include: Political Economy, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Religion and Public Affairs. Similar sponsorship encourages conversations among graduate students in diverse areas and working across regions.

The Institute addresses its public mission by coordinating public lectures and events. IIS-supported series provide a venue for Berkeley faculty and students to engage policymakers and practitioners as well as visiting scholars across a variety of functional and regional domains in global and international affairs. IIS lecture series and public forums have explored challenges confronting US foreign policy (including the annual Elberg Lecture) and global security.