Science / Environment

Krish Gopalan

Undergraduate Student
Molecular and Cell Biology
Public Health
Global Poverty and Practice

Krish Gopalan is a fourth-year student at UC Berkeley from Southern California. He is pursuing a B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology and minoring in both Global Public Health and Global Poverty and Practice. His interests broadly include the politics of health and development in the Global South, especially in South Asia. His prior research includes analyses into the effectiveness of the Integrated Rural Development Program and the role of private-public partnerships in developing health infrastructure in India. At Berkeley, he was involved with the California Public Interest Research Group,...

Hrithik Datta

Undergraduate Student
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hrithik Datta is a University of California, Berkeley student pursuing a B.S. in the College of Engineering. He is majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and is interested in software development. He has previously interned as a software engineer for Adobe and done research in the fields of hardware and natural language processing. Outside of his academic pursuits, Hrithik enjoys playing chess and tennis.

Adrian Frias

Undergraduate Fellow
Ethnic Studies

Adrian Frias (he/him) is a junior from Carson, California, pursuing a double major in Geography and Ethnic Studies with a minor in Education. His research interests include environmental justice, immigration, public transportation, energy policy, city planning, and race/ethnicity. Previously, Frias has gained experience doing research on his hometown's oil refineries. He has worked as a legal/communications intern for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and currently works as a peer academic counselor for Berkeley's Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). In the near...

Ishana Ratan

Graduate Student
Political Science

Ishana Ratan is a third year graduate student in the Political Science Department at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, with a focus on international political economy. Her current research interests include the politics of renewable energy technology policy adoption in middle income countries. She also serves as a Project Director at the Berkeley APEC Study Center, Prior to pursuing graduate studies, she worked as an international trade paralegal, which greatly inspired her interest in trade, technology, and strategic competition in the global marketplace.

Ratan is a recipient...

Liam Mirise

Undergraduate Student
Global Studies

Liam Mirise is a fourth-year transfer student from Visalia, California pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Global Studies with a minor in Linguistics. His academic focus is broadly centered on development, globalization, and technology. Prior to attending UC Berkeley, he served for four years in the California Army National Guard. He currently works as a writing assistant for the Blum Center for Developing Economies, where he has been assisting with early stage research on the potential applications of distributed ledger technology in the national defense supply chain.

Chelsea Cano

Undergraduate Student
Business Administration

Chelsea Cano is a senior from Los Banos, CA majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Management. Her research interests include the economic development of the 20th and 21st century, the Digital Revolution and Information Age, and international affairs. Chelsea is currently working with Professor Brad DeLong and assisting in writing the footnotes for his book, "Slouching Towards Utopia: The Economic History of the Long Twentieth Century." In her free time, Chelsea enjoys watching psychological horror films and gardening.

Joseph Tak Maga

Undergraduate Student

Joseph Tak Maga is a sophomore from Novato, California, pursuing a double major in Economics and Music as well as a minor in Political Economy. His interests are in the interaction between technology, economic development, and public policy. Aside from his research, he previously taught in the Berkeley Model UN program, and currently is an active organist and pianist in the Bay Area.

Xingying(Caroline) Ren

Undergraduate Student
Environmental Science
Environmental Economics and Policy

Xingying(Caroline) Ren is a senior undergraduate double majoring in Environmental Science and Environmental Economics and Policy. She is interested in waste management, public health and climate change. She is currently working on a research that compares regulation framework between nuclear industry and coal industry on radioactive wastes.

Mallika Luthar

Undergraduate Student
Political Science

Mallika Luthar is a fourth-year student majoring in Political Science with minors in Public Policy and Human Rights. Her research interests include exploring election outcomes and the impacts of technology on political participation. She is currently working on an honors thesis focusing on the effects of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections on political preferences. Upon graduation, Mallika will be working as a technology policy consultant before going to law school to pursue tech/IP law. Outside of her academic and professional interests, Mallika loves being outdoors, playing piano...

Stephen Neal

Graduate Student
Goldman School of Public Policy

Stephen Neal is an intellectual property lawyer of twenty years experience. He previously worked as an electric engineer developing evolutionary software. He is a candidate at the Goldman School for a Masters of Public Affairs to research climate change mitigation and adaptation policy. He also volunteers for election protection and voter right groups.