Chalmers Johnson: Militarism and the American Empire

Chalmers Johnson

Distinguished social scientist and public intellectual Chalmers Johnson, President of the Japan Policy Institute, joins host Harry Kreisler for a conversation on the nature of the American Empire and its costs and consequences for the future of American democracy and power in the world.

KEYWORDS: Militarism, U.S Empire, Imperialism.

Allan Gotlieb: A Canadian Diplomat Reflects on Canada's Relationship with the United States

Allan Gotlieb

Host Harry Kreisler welcomes distinguished Canadian diplomat Allan Gotlieb to discuss the U.S.- Canadian relationship. After tracing the features of their strategic partnership during the Cold War, Gotlieb analyzes the changes in bilateral relations in the wake of 911 and the 2008 economic collapse. In the context of America's focus on homeland security, rising unemployment, and environmental degradation, he examines the impact of domestic politics for any effort to develop a new American and Canadian agenda. In conclusion, he discusses factors that contributed to Canada's successful...

Alexander Yakovlev: Shaping Russia's Transformation. A Leader of Perestroika Looks Back

Alexander Yakovlev

Host Harry Kreisler is joined by historian and former Politburo member Alexander Yakovlev who reflects on his role in the transformation of the Soviet Union and the fall of communism.

KEYWORDS: Russia, Soviet Union, Gorbachev, Glasnost, Dissent, Elberg Lecturers.

Alfred L. Atherton: The Peace Process in the Middle East

Alfred L. Atherton

In this 1986 interview, Ambassador Alfred L. Atherton, a leading figure in the search for peace in the Middle East, joins U.C. Berkeley's Harry Kreisler for a discussion of the role of diplomacy in securing a stable Middle East.


Alexander Dalgarno: Astrophysics

Alexander Dalgarno

Conversations host Harry Kreisler speaks with Alexander Dalgarno, Phillips Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, on the subject of astrophysics.

KEYWORDS: Astronomy, Berkeley Graduate Lecturers.

Alan Cranston: Democracy, Disarmament and Public Education

Alan Cranston

Alan Cranston was a four term Senator from California and president and founder of the Global Security Institute and director of its nuclear weapons elimination initiative. This discussion on democracy, disarmament and public education with UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler was taped in April 2000.

KEYWORDS: Nuclear Weapons, Sovereignty, Political Education, Politics

Ahmed Kathrada: Alongside Nelson Mandela

Ahmed Kathrada

Alongside Nelson Mandela: Reminiscences of a Former Political Prisoner Under Apartheid, with Ahmed Kathrada

KEYWORDS: South Africa, Political Activism, Political Prisoners.

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt: Recollections from a Military Career

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt

In this 1989 interview, Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt for a discussion of his life and times as one of America's most distinguished military officers.

KEYWORDS: Nimitz Lecturers.