Human Rights / Norms

Research Interest

Olivia Nouriani

Undergraduate Student
Political Science

Olivia Nouriani is a fifth-year student triple majoring in Political Science, Mathematics, and Arabic. She is interested in migration and diaspora studies and Middle Eastern politics, and has previously assisted research projects on Muslim-Jewish relations in the Middle East and the the transnational circulation of transgender rights in the Global South. On campus, she is involved in migrant and labor justice movements. She hopes to pursue a PhD in social science after graduating.

Monzerrath Ortiz

Undergraduate Student
Political Science
Legal Studies

Monzerrath is a 4th year undergraduate student double majoring in political science and legal studies, and double minoring in human rights and history. Her research interests include U.S. foreign policy, Latin-American politics, legal reform, and constitutional frameworks. Aside from research, Monzerrath is also involved in UC Berkeley's co-ed international relations fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon and is an intern for California Senator Scott Wiener. Upon graduating next year, Monzerrath plans to earn a master’s degree in public policy and attend law school.

Evie Michele Porter

Undergraduate Student
Global Studies
Political Science

Evie Portier is a Dual Degree student from the Netherlands who is interested in international security. She is also the founder of Eefje Tutoring, and the president of STAND (the Student led movement to end mass atrocities) at Berkeley.

Gamin Kim

Undergraduate Student
Political Science

Gamin Kim is a fourth-year pursuing a B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in Comparative Politics and minors in Data Science, Public Policy, and Human Rights. Her interests include East Asian regional affairs, international security, the intersection between tech and policy, and insurgent violence. Gamin is also involved with the Center for Security in Politics, the Human Rights Center, and Delta Phi Epsilon, the professional fraternity centered on foreign service. After graduation, she hopes to pursue law school and learn more about tech law as it pertains to privacy and...

Cameron Danesh

Undergraduate Student
Political Economy

Cameron Danesh is a third year majoring in political economy. His academic interests include economic history and geography and using those disciplines to find solutions to social inequality and the world's most pressing issues. Currently, he is working with Professor Brad Delong on his upcoming book Slouching Towards Utopia: The Economic History of the Long Twentieth Century. In his free time, he enjoys reading and learning about the world and going our for walks around Berkeley.

Tara Allegra Fermanto

Undergraduate Student
Political Economy
Business Administration

Tara Allegra is a senior majoring in Political Economy and Business Administration, with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. Her research interest broadly includes human rights issues, democratization, and international development. Tara is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and Malay, and is currently studying French. Over the summer, Tara worked as a finance intern at The World Bank in Washington, DC. Currently, she is an economic research intern for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. In her free time, she loves to paint, listen to music, and learn new languages!

Nadia AlAjmi

Undergraduate Student
Media Studies
Political Science

Nadia AlAjmi is a fourth-year international student from Kuwait that is majoring in Media Studies and Political Science, with a concentration in international relations. Her academic interests broadly include women’s rights, Eastern European politics, political psychology and how these fields intersect. Given her multicultural background, she is fluent in Polish, Arabic and English. Previously, she was a research assistant with the Center for Studies in Higher Education where her work focused on the experiences that women in and after doctoral programs went through, such as racism,...

Sofia Abramsky-Sze

Undergraduate Student
Public Policy

Sofia Abramsky-Sze is a second-year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Public Policy. She is interested in the intersection of mental health and public policy, especially in relation to gender-based violence and international humanitarian aid. Her research interests concern community-wide trauma, the psychological consequences of forced migration, and systemic violence against women and children. In the past, Sofia has worked on legislative policy at the state and local level. In the future, she hopes to attend graduate school and work as a clinical psychologist. Outside of her...

Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Associate Professor

Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann is an Associate Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley. An historian of German, European and International History from the late 18th century to the present, he also has an ongoing interest in the history of human rights.

James Midgley

Professor of the Graduate School
School of Social Welfare

James Midgley is Professor of the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley. He previously served as Dean of the School of Social Welfare and held the Harry and Riva Specht Chair in the Public Social Services (1997-2016). He studies international social development, comparative social policy and welfare and social protection, focusing on the social services and cash transfers in developing countries.

Research Interests:

International Social Development

Comparative Social Policy and Welfare