International Relations Theory

Program Series:

On Monday afternoons, IIS hosts an informal colloquium where a prominent speaker is invited to participate in a conversation with affiliated faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars about pressing issues of international relations.

Professors: Michaela Mattes and Aila Matanock 

September 10 

Lauren Peritz, UC Davis 

September 17 

Melissa Lee, Princeton University 

September 24 

October 1 

Caroline Brandt, UC Berkeley 

OCtober 8 

Sarah Kreps, Cornell University 

October 15 

Adam Lichtenheld, UC Berkeley 

October 22 

Emilie Hafner-Burton, UCSD 

October 29 

Lynn Eden, Stanford University 

November 5 

Michael Gilligan, NYU 

November 12 


November 19 


November 26 

Erica De Bruin, Hamilton College 

December 3 

David Lake, UCSD

January 22

Initial MIRTH Meeting

January 29

Elizabeth Saunders (George Washington University), "Leaders, Advisors, and the Political Origins of Elite Support for War"

February 5

 Rose McDermott (Brown University), "Sex Differences in Motivation for Fighting?"

February 12

 Ann Hironaka (UC-Irvine), "Tokens of Power: Ambiguity and War" 
  ***Note: Location for this week only is 119 Moses Hall (The Harris Room)***

February 19

No MIRTH -- Presidents' Day

February 26

Jonas Tallberg (Stockholm University/Stanford), "Norm Adoption among International Organizations, 1980-2015" 

March 5

 Lisa Martin (University of Wisconsin, Madison), TBA

March 12

Bob Powell (UC-Berkeley), "Endogenous Intractability: Why Some Persistent Problems Persist"

March 19

Michael Gilligan (NYU), TBA 

March 26

No MIRTH -- Spring Break

April 2

Kristian Gleditsch (Essex University), "A Transformation of Political Violence? Terrorism and the Decline of War"

April 9

Scott Gates (University of Oslo/PRIO), "Forces of Darkness: The Strategic Dynamics of Intrastate Armed Conflict 
              and the Location of Battles"

April 16

Roger Petersen (MIT), "Social Science and the Iraq War"

All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.

August 28

Tana Johnson (Duke University), "The Adhocracy: Permeation of Global Governance Structures by Pressure Groups"

September 4

No MIRTH - Labor Day 

September 11

Bora Park (Duke/UC-Berkeley), "Negotiating globalization: Trade agreements in high-technology industries" 

September 18

Samuel Garrett Zeitlin (UC-Berkeley), "Francis Bacon (1561-1626) on Peace" 

September 25

Jason Klocek (UC-Berkeley), "British Strategic Culture and Counterinsurgency in Religious Conflicts" 

***Note: Location for this week only is Barrows 202***

October 2

Benjamin Bartlett (UC-Berkeley), "Cybersecurity Policymaking in Japan" 

October 9

Rochelle Terman (CISAC/UC-Berkeley), "Backlash: Resistance and Defiance to International Norms" 

October 16

Kyle Beardsley (Duke University), "Hierarchy and the Provision of Order in International Communities" 

October 23

Carlos Milani (UC-Berkeley/State University of Rio de Janeiro), "The Sketch of Brazil's Grand Strategy under the Worker's   Party's Governments"

October 30

Michael Horowitz (University of Pennsylvania), "Labor, Capital, and Beliefs about New Technologies: The case of
Autonomous Weapons"

November 6

Ron Hassner (UC-Berkeley), "Critiques of Torture, Weak and Strong"

November 13

Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University), "What the revolution in qualitative transparency means for you"

November 20

No MIRTH - Thanksgiving

November 27

Heidi Hardt (Univeristy of California, Irvine), "NATO's Lessons in Failure: Institutional Memory in International Crisis

December 4

Dustin Tingley (Harvard University), TBA

All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.

February 6            

Robert Keohane (Princeton University)

February 13          

Joshua Kertzer (Harvard University) 

February 27         

Jessica Kertzer (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

March 6                  

 Scott Sagan (Stanford University) 

March 13               

Robert Rager (UCLA) 

March 20                 

David Leblang (University of Virginia)

April 3                       


April 10                  

Phillip Lipscy (Stanford University) 

April 17                

Simone Dietrich (University of Essix)

April 24                  

Eugene Gholz (University of Texas, Austin)

May 1                  

Barbara Koremenos  (University of Michigan)

All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.

September 12
Jana von Stein (Victoria University of Wellington), “Democracy, Autocracy, and Everything in-Between: Understanding How Domestic Institutions Affect Environmental Protection”

September 19
David Dow (University of California, Berkeley), “The Political Logic of Electrification in Post-Conflict Uganda”

September 26
Jason Klocek
 (University of California, Berkeley), “Threat Perception and Religion in Counterinsurgency Campaigns”

October 3
Emily Ritter
 (University of California, Merced), “Constraint and Conflict: The Strategic Effects of Human Rights Agreements”

October 10
Elizabeth Herman
 (University of California, Berkeley), “How Do Current Politics Systematically Shape Retellings of 9/11 in High School History Textbooks Worldwide?”

October 17
Tanisha Fazal
 (University of Notre Dame), “Life and Limb: New Estimates of Casualty Aversion in the U.S.”

October 24
Mike Findley
 (University of Texas, Austin), “How Government Reactions to Violence Worsen Social Welfare: Evidence from Peru”

October 31
Alice Ciciora
 (University of California, Berkeley), “Strength without Numbers: The Political Influence of European Farmers”

November 7
Barbara Walter
 (University of California, San Diego), "Rebel Propaganda in Civil War"

November 14
Barry Posen
 (MIT), “Security Competition in a 21st Century Multipolar World”

November 28

All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.
Monday, January 25
"The Relational Politics of the Universal Periodic Review"
Rochelle Terman (Berkeley)
Monday, February 8
"Regional Integration under Unipolarity: Intra-/Inter-Regional Bargaining and Regionalism"
Shiping Tang (Fudan University)
Monday, February 22
"Judicial Power in Authoritarian Regimes: New Measures and Preliminary Findings"
Fiona Shen-Bayh (Berkeley)
Thursday, February 25
Elizabeth Wood (Yale)
(Joint session with the Comparative Colloquium)
Monday, February 29
"The Political Economy of Territorial Ambitions"
Jeff Colgan (Brown)
Monday, March 7
Welcoming the Unwelcome: Refugee Flows, Integration, and Political Instability
Burcu Savun (University of Pittsburgh)
Monday, March 14
Melissa Griffith (Berkeley)
Caroline Brandt (Berkeley) 
Monday, March 28
Sara Mitchell (University of Iowa)
Monday, April 4
Erica Chenoweth (University of Denver)
Monday, April 11
"Aims, Claims, and the Bargaining Model of War"
Ken Schultz (Stanford)
Monday, April 18
Piki Ish-Shalom (Hebrew University)
Monday, April 25
Nicholas Sambanis (Yale University)
All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.
Monday, August 31
Initial MIRTH Meeting
Monday, September 21
"Party Institutionalization in Autocracies: Theory and Evidence"
Anne Meng (Berkeley)
Monday, September 28 
"More Than A Game: How the World Cup Affects Interstate Conflict"
Andrew Bertoli (Berkeley)
Monday, October 5
"Domestic Political Audiences, Superpower Alliance Management, and the Escalation of International Disputes"
Matthew Kroenig (Georgetown)
Monday, October 12
"Free-Riding on Enforcement in the WTO"
Leslie Johns (UCLA)
Monday, October 19
"A Club Good: The Provision of Refugee Protection and Sovereignty in the Middle East"
Melissa Carlson (Berkeley)
Monday, October 26
Giacomo Chiozza (Vanderbilt) 
Monday, November 2
"An Economic Theory of War"
Nuno Monteiro (Yale)
Monday, November 9
"When Should State Secrets Stay Secret"
Genevieve Lester (National Defense University)

Monday, November 16
"Band of Believers? The Influence of Religion on Rebel Group Structure"
Jason Klocek (Berkeley)
Monday, November 30
"When are International Institutions Effective? The Impact of Domestic Veto Players on Compliance with WTO Rulings"
Lauren Peritz (UC Davis)
All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.
Monday, February 2
Initial MIRTH Meeting
Monday, February 9
Stephen Krasner (Stanford University)
Monday, March 2 
James Morrow (University of Michigan)
Monday, March 9
Erik Voeten (Georgetown University)
Monday, March 16
Joshua Shifrinson (Texas A&M)
Monday, March 30
Robert Gulotty (Stanford University/University of Chicago)
Monday, April 6
Helen Milner (Princeton University) 
Monday, April 20
Nicholas Sambanis (Yale University)
Thursday, April 30
Stathis Kalyvas (Yale University)
[Special IR/CP Joint Workshop, 12-1pm]
All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.
Monday, September 15
"The Evolution of Peace in the International System"
Paul Diehl (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Monday, September 22
"Rationally Impatient Citizens: Can Democracies Fight Long Asymmetric Wars?"
Ali Sanaei (University of Michigan)
Monday, September 29 
"More Than A Game: How the World Cup Affects Interstate Conflict"
Andrew Bertoli (Berkeley)
Monday, October 6
"Targeting to Win: How and Why Militant Groups Choose What to Attack"
Bob Pape (University of Chicago)
Monday, October 13
"The False Promise of Complete Contracts: Non-Compliance With Alliance Agreements"
Dan Reiter (Emory University)
Monday, October 20
Richard Steinberg (UCLA Law School)
Thursday, October 23 - NOON TALK, 223 Moses Hall
Jack Snyder (Columbia University) 
Monday, October 27
Eelco van der Maat (Vanderbilt)
Monday, November 3
Zeev Maoz (UC Davis)

Monday, November 17
"Careful Commitments: Democratic Sales and Alliance Design"
Ashley Leeds (Rice University)
Monday, December 1
Josh Shifrinson (Texas A&M)
All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.
Monday, February 3
Pablo Pinto (Columbia University)
Monday, February 24
Deirdre Martin (UC Berkeley)
Adam Lichtenheld (UC Berkeley)
Monday, March 10 
Monday, March 17
Miles Kahler (UC San Diego)
Monday, March 31
Judith Kelley (Duke University)
Monday, April 7
Bora Park (UC Berkeley)
Fiona Shen-Bayh (UC Berkeley)
Monday, April 14
Jon Pevehouse (University of Wisconsin, Madison) 
Monday, April 21
Monday, April 28
Bruce Russett (Yale University) 
All events will be held from 4-5:30 p.m. in 223 Moses Hall unless otherwise specified.
Monday, September 16
"Intentions in International Politics"
Sebastian Rosato (Notre Dame)
Monday, September 23
"Offshore Balancer or Liberal Hegemony?  Revisiting Nineteenth Century British Grand Strategy"
Paul MacDonald (Wellesley)
Monday, September 30
"Survival Migration:  Failed Governance and the Crisis of Displacement" 
Alex Betts (Oxford)
Monday, October 7 
Title TBA
Richard Steinberg (UCLA School of Law)
Monday, October 14
"Why Statebuilding Fails: The Social Origins of State Weakness and the Limits of External Intervention"
Katherine Michael
Monday, October 21
Title TBA
Chris Gelpi (Ohio State University)
Monday, October 28
Monday, November 4
"Choosing Terror: Efficacy and Legitimacy Costs in Rebel Groups' Use of Terrorism in Civil Wars"
Page Forna (Columbia)
Monday, November 18
Title TBA
Desha Girod (Georgetown)
Monday, November 25
Title TBA 
Beth Simmons (Harvard)
Monday, December 2 **location TBA**
"'Normal (Social) Science,' Academic Professionalization and the Flight from Reality in Political Science"
Michael Desch (Notre Dame)