Rodrigo Ramirez-Perez

Job title: 
Undergraduate Student
Political Science

Rodrigo Ramirez-Perez is a third year Political Science and Philosophy major. His academic interests include international organizations and their subversion of state sovereignty, the causes and exacerbating elements of genocides, and the long-term state stability-related effects of state violence on citizen populations. Rodrigo has served as a research assistant to Dr. Susan Hyde since May 2020, researching regional organizations, human rights, and policing in the United States. Since 2016, Ramirez-Perez has worked as a leadership conference facilitator and event host for the Future Farmers of America Organization, presenting workshops, conferences, and TED-style events In Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, and various other cities. When Ramirez-Perez is not in Berkeley, he is at home in Salinas, CA, surfing, backpacking and reading.

Research interests: 
  • Global / Transnational
  • Governance / Democracy
  • Human Rights / Norms