Undergraduate Conference Travel Grant

Funding Series: 
The Undergraduate Conference Travel Grant supports undergraduate students who plan on traveling to a conference to present a research project, paper, or poster on any topic related to international affairs.  Students from all departments are eligible and IIS encourages applications from a wide range of disciplines.  The travel grant provides opportunities for individuals to gain valuable educational experience beyond the classroom and recognizes that many UC Berkeley undergraduate students engage in research projects that may require travel to national or international conferences.  Grant amounts will depend on the location of the conference (domestic or international).  Students must be registered for the term in which they are planning to attend their conference and be presenting a paper or poster at the conference.

Eligible students must submit an application that includes:

  1. A one-page description of the research to be presented;
  2. A budget plan;
  3. Confirmation of invitation or acceptance to the conference;
  4. A letter of support from a faculty member, PI, or department advisor attesting to the academic merit of the trip.

The application webform can be found here.  Please ask your recommender to e-mail the recommendation letter directly to iis.grants [at] berkeley.edu.  

Open to any UC Berkeley undergraduate student who has completed at least one semester of study in residence at Berkeley. All majors are eligible and encouraged to apply. Concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to apply.

Grant amounts will depend on the location of the conference but will generally be in the range of $300-$400 for conferences within California, $400-$600 for conferences elsewhere in North America, and up to $1000 for international conferences.

The application deadline is rolling.  IIS will accept applications over the course of the academic year.  You must submit your application materials before the date of your conference.