Interdisciplinary Faculty Programs

Funding Series: 

The Interdisciplinary Faculty Program supports international, cross-campus research at Berkeley. Proposals that bring together faculty from different departments and disciplines will be given priority consideration in funding decisions.

Supported activities: The main purpose of the grant is to generate group conversations at Berkeley that are led by faculty who find a particular theme intellectually compelling.  Applicants should consider an approach that would bring as wide a Berkeley community into the conversation as possible, and group members must come from at least two different departments.  The maximum number of faculty members per group is four, and groups should appoint a coordinator.  IIS will support a required bimonthly (twice a month) meeting of the group to which three outside speakers may be invited each semester.  Speaker travel will be funded by the grant from IIS.

Requirements of Grantees: Grantees are expected to attend all bimonthly meetings of the group.  Grantees must submit a finalized schedule of outside speakers to IIS at the beginning of the semester.  Any events (outside speaker lectures, conferences, etc.) should be free and open to the public.  The grants to any one group will not run for more than two years.  An evaluation of the colloquia will be carried out at the end of the first year to assess whether the second year should be supported.  Proposals should mention if the culmination of the series could result in the publication of a book, an edited volume, or a special issue of a journal, which may also be supported by IIS. 

The IIS Advisory Committee will review all applications.  The application webform can be found here.

 Proposals should include:

  1. A project narrative which describes the nature of the interdisciplinary project and its scholarly importance (2 pages max);
  2. A project budget, including a brief narrative (200 words max) and a detailed breakdown of costs;
  3. Faculty CVs (no longer than one page each).

Only senate faculty and lecturers are eligible. Visiting professors may participate in the colloquia, but will not receive individual research funding.

The maximum amount available for each series will be $30,000 each year for two years.

Details will be announced soon.