Faculty Funding

The Institute provides funding for interdisciplinay research projects and awards individual senate faculty completing book manuscripts. 

Manuscript Mini-Conference Grants

Funding Series: 
Faculty members who have completed book manuscripts that are ready for review for publication may apply for funding for "mini-conferenceā€ funding. The purpose of the mini-conference grant is to provide feedback to an author midway through the revision process. Preference will be given to junior faculty and mid-career faculty. Senior faculty who feel that they have completed a significant...+ Click Here For Full Application Details

Interdisciplinary Faculty Programs

Funding Series: 
The Interdisciplinary Faculty Program supports international, cross-campus research at Berkeley. Proposals that bring together faculty from different departments and disciplines will be given priority consideration in funding decisions. Supported activities: The main purpose of the grant is to generate group conversations at Berkeley that are led by faculty who find a particular theme...+ Click Here For Full Application Details