Jamie Andreson

Spring 2012

Since 2002 the Brazilian government has used a complicated quota system as a form of Affirmative Action for State and Federal Universities. Depending on the University, the system provides approximately 30-50% of spaces to Afro-Brazilian students from a public school background. Its implementation has been largely unsuccessful due to the lack of preparation for Afro-Brazilian students in early education and their subsequent inability to pass the Vestibular—a complicated entrance exam which varies based by University and Major of application. My research focuses on how the quota system and the vestibular are structured and why they have been so unsuccessful in reaching their goals, specifically for impoverished and marginalized black communities. During my time in Brazil I will be working with community activists, students and professors in Bahia to brainstorm ways in which first generation black students can achieve access to these University spaces and be more prepared during early education to pass the Vestibular.