Deepthisri Suresh

Molecular & Cellular Biology
Summer 2017

Many students in rural areas are eager to expand their educational experiences, but due to lack of funding and poor resources students are unable to do so. Even if students do pursue higher education they are funneled into typical professions despite interest in other areas of study. For example, students get funneled into engineering and medicine, without the knowledge of other STEM related professions and fields such as pharmacology and research. Simply providing resources does not solve the issue because donating resources is not a sustainable form of educational enrichment. Furthermore, a lack of infrastructure, inconsistent teachers, and poverty/gender related dropouts make rural education research a top priority. The reasons for educational inequalities are numerous and it is impractical to find a solution to each cause. My goal through this project is to understand how to best supplement such inequalities so that students in rural areas may acquire increased educational access.