Reinhard Bendix Memorial Fellowship

Funding Series: 
This award commemorates the scholarly achievements of the late Reinhard Bendix, Professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. The fellowship is given annually to students who show promise of advancing scholarship in the field of political and social theory as well as historic studies of society and politics.  The Reinhard Bendix Memorial Fellowship is designed to carry on his tradition of scholarship into the future by providing financial assistance to graduate students.

The application for first-time applicants to the Reinhard Bendix Memorial Fellowship can be found here.    

Please submit only ONE LETTER of recommendation. Ask your recommender to e-mail the recommendation letter directly to iis.grants [at] (subject line: “Recommendation Letter for Last Name, First Name; Bendix/Sharlin/Simpson”).  You and your recommender must also fill-out and SIGN the Faculty Waiver form, found here and scan the form to iis.grants [at]

The application for previously awarded students can be found here.

All UC Berkeley graduate students in good standing who will formally advance to candidacy (will have satisfied all requirements of the Ph.D. except the dissertation) by the Fall of the fellowship term, may apply. Funds will not be available until the student has advanced to candidacy. Students must be currently registered with the Graduate Division or on approved travel status. Students are eligible for support regardless of previous fellowships from other sources. The award amount is at the discretion of the committee. Requests for tuition and fee costs as separate items will not be considered.

The Reinhard Bendix Memorial Fellowship may be used in conjunction with other grants, but during the term of the award, total income from all sources, excluding awards specifically earmarked for travel and tuition, cannot exceed $34,500. Successful candidates will be consulted regarding other funding sources before the award is granted. Under most circumstances, dissertation fellows are expected to be residents at Berkeley for the tenure of the award, except those who must conduct research away from the Bay Area.

While you are welcome to apply for all three graduate fellowships (Bendix, Sharlin, Simpson), the total award amount cannot exceed $15,000.

Friday, April 14, 2017.