Sheer Ganor

AY 2016-17

Exile, refuge and forced migration have profoundly and repeatedly altered the configurations of the modern world. My research project makes a close examination of a people who, dispersed by mid-twentieth century terrors, became paradigmatic to subsequent discussions of these phenomena. German Jews fleeing Nazi persecution or immigrating after the Holocaust left Europe for numerous destinations. Upon their myriad landings, they developed a diasporic network defined by a shared culture and history as well as by diverging contexts in their new home societies. I aim to trace and articulate this transnational network of German-Jewish diasporas, focusing on the lived experiences of refuge, community building and identity formation. From the process of filing reparation claims to the recreation of Kaffeeklatsch rituals, I seek to identify how German Jews, unmoored from past lives and scattered across the globe, crafted a new chapter in German-Jewish history.